Wake Up Wengie

Wake up little Wengie, wake up with makeup. It is that time when Wengie introduces us to her morning rituals that create her fantastically breezy, fresh, fancy free beauty. They say that waking up is hard to do, now we know that this is true. Oversleeping, alarms failing to sound, hitting the snooze button once too often, these are the causes of the dreaded “OH MY GOODNESS I’M RUNNING LATE” syndrome. Nothing could be worse than the reflection in the mirror staring back at you with a blank face of confusion.


Creating a natural, though still glamorous style similar to that of Wengie is not complicated, nor does it take hours to accomplish. With full zest, Wengie shows her followers how to accomplish her infamous beauty, step by amazingly simple step, with tricks of the trade to help the makeup drive that extra mile in making you glow flawlessly.


Myriads of women have wondered how to apply makeup to slim their face without using as much product as a professional circus clown. There has to be a way to give the illusion of a slimmer frame without caking up the makeup, right? Don’t fret, there is, Wengie shows you how with the gusto that is typical of our rainbow hair hero. Contouring your cheek where your hair typically falls aside your face, adds a shadow effect that acquires the desired slimming.


Bashful beauties can obtain that coy blushing smile with the application of a lip tint in lieu of powder blush. According to our makeup expert Wengie, the lip tint stains to a natural glow when smoothed out, plus lasts longer than powder. Applying the right stain helps you appear as if you are a shy beauty not wearing makeup at all.


Our wonderful Wengie has a myriad of fantastic tips to help you start your morning in under 20 minutes, so you shine amazingly as if you awoke looking that way. Natural, beautiful, flawless, ala our Wengie.





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