The Products PSI-Pay Has to Offer

PSI-Pay, the latest in a banking alternative, has rolled out numerous virtual and physical products that are taking the digital market by storm. This payment service is doing things differently, but some of the products are what many would consider traditional in the world of finance. PSI-Pay is also licensed by Mastercard to offer many of their products including prepaid and debit cards, credit cards, a contactless payment ring and more. Within these products are the travel cards, business cards and even payroll services. There is a lot being offered by PSI-Pay now, and there are more products set to be developed and released in the near future.

What makes these products different if they are being launched by PSI-Pay? The products can be utilized by the company’s partners in whatever fashion the partners need to use them. Whether partners want to offer cashback bonuses, or they offer something in exchange for the purchasing of their own products, these offerings are unique in that they are ideal for the business partners of PSI-Pay.

The goal of PSI-Pay was to remain as a banking alternative, rather than trying to beat the competition. The way that PSI-Pay works, makes it one of the best alternatives available today for those who understand how challenging traditional banking can be. Those who want to be part of a full sponsorship partnership can be non-financial partners. This means that travel benefits, spa benefits, and other benefits are a part of what PSI-Pay is offering to its audience. They can run their very own prepaid card or debit card program, kind of like a private label company if they choose.

Those who choose to be part of the regulation partnership program will also find that working with PSI-Pay on financial products is beneficial for their business. Even if their partners are not Mastercard members they can still be a part of the program. All they need in order to work with PSI-Pay is to obtain the proper authorization rights within the European Union. Holding consumer balances is ideal for any financial institution, but they are especially ideal in this case.

PSI-Pay is a part of the revolutionary changes in banking. The goal was to make the deposit and withdraw of funds easier and faster than any other option, with fewer fees. The company has been in business since 2007, and is offering services around the globe.

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