The Future of the Technology and Fashion Industries with Chris Burch

On observing both the past and present trends of the fashion and technology sectors, the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital, Burch, gives a clear outline of the expected future trends in the two industries. Both technology and fashion industries have been experiencing growth over the years. However, it is interesting to note that the two sectors grow hand in hand. Technology has largely influenced trends in the fashion industry, and the converse is true as well. For instance, currently, people prefer iPods for music needs, as they seem fashionable. This is contrary to the 70s and 90s where boom boxes and Walkman were preferred respectively.


Chris Burch spots an intermarriage between the fashion and the technology sectors where fashion designers are leveraging technology to develop functioning designs. Anouk Wipprechit is an example of a fashion designer who has used technology in her design making process to develop excellent products such as the drink-making dress. Heading to the near future, there are upcoming inventions and innovations, which will replace the current trends in both sectors. For example, nowadays we have airbags incorporated in bikes safety systems. A rider wears the airbags on the rider, and if they fall, the airbags will pop up.


The airbag technology in bikes offers more protection to riders than the conventional helmets, which does not give a rider a clear view of the surrounding environment. Additionally, in the firefighting industry, there has been a crucial invention of the firefighting frontline gloves. The gloves support symbol communication between firefighters in a scene.


Chris Burch is an active investor and a successful entrepreneur in a full spectrum of fields. With approximately 40 years of significant experience in various entrepreneurial-related sectors, Burch has been an avid contributor to the growth of several technological and luxury brands among them Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone as well as Faena Hotel + Universe. He started venturing into entrepreneurship in the late 70s while still in college. Alongside his brother, Burch instituted Eagle’s Eye apparel, which they later sold to Swire Group.


Chris Burch is among the first investors of the Internet Capital Group. He also has interests and investments in the realty sector. Some of his real estate investments include luxury homes in New York, Palm Beach, Florida as well as Nantucket. In 2011, Chris Burch profoundly founded the C. Wonder. He later sold the firm and partnered with Ellen DeGeneres. Through his company, Burch Creative Capital, Chris has supported numerous companies such as Brad’s Raw Foods, Little Duck Organics, and Blink Health among others.

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