The Frye Festival Promote Bilingual Literacy

The Frye Festival is a festival in Canada that has artistic events for all ages and interests. It has music, authors, readings, book clubs, writing workshops, lectures, workshops, and children’s activities. It is the only bilingual international literary festival located in Atlantic Canada. The festival promotes youth literacy through many creative program

Every year the Frye Festival features the best international and Canadian authors in many different categories. These categories are graphic novels, children’s books, story tellers, poets, musicians, and playwrights. The purpose of the festival is to promote enjoyment of reading in all age groups and create an bilingual experience for participants.

This festival was developed to honor a man called Northrop Frye. He was know as a world renowned thinker and philosopher that lived in Moncton, NB, Canada. Over the years about 400 authors from all over the world have participated in the festival. Some of these authors were Margaret Atwood, Richard Ford, and Harvey Pekar.

Events are held during the day and evening in cafes, libraries, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, and bars. Every year over 15,000 men women, and children participate. The school youth program involves 10,000 children every year.

The School in Youth program is very popular and successful part of the festival. Authors meet with students in the classroom and auditoriums to read and perform their works. Learn morw about Frye Festival:

The students write and read their own work as part of the program. It is presented free of charge. Performances are writing, art, music, poetry, and songs.

Imagaination at Work is a program that displays art and writing for one week of children from K to 4th grade. Budding Writers let’s young writers share their work and represent their school. Read more: Bella Hadid and Emily Rratajkowski Models Bahamas Trip

Students in this program are in 5th to 8th grades. Cafe Underground is exciting performances of music, art, poetry, and songs for high school students. The next Frye Festival will be held in winter 2017.

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