Jeunesse; A Worldwide Youth Generation Company

Jeunesse company was formed on 9th September 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They had worked in other companies and after retirement decided to focus their effort on coming up with a youth enhancement company. Today, Randy is the Chief executive officer and Wendy the Chief Operating Officer of the company. Their mission was to help change people’s lives and making their company a global brand and a household name. Their main agenda was to make people feel and at the same time inspire and empower youths to help them unleash their potential. The company developed a unique concept of selling their products to help share innovative products with their clients and provide training and customer support.


The company has a wide range of youth enhancement products. Their products are unique and incomparable with any product in the market. Jeunesse sells its products through a collection named Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). This collection has nine products in its line performing different functions. As briefly discussed below each product has unique properties.


Luminesce is a product used to rejuvenate the skin. It is an anti-aging skin care line which aids reduce wrinkles and give radiance. With a mission to help its client keep youthful faces this product comes in handy in restoring youthful vitality.


Reserve is a product developed to prevent free radical damage. The company developed this product by mixing superfruits. This combination has a lot of antioxidants to defend the body and stop the damage.


Instantly Ageless is a product that helps to hide wrinkles, pores fine lines and under-eye bags.AM Essentials was developed for mood improvement, energizing the body and to slow premature aging.


FINITI is a Jeunesse company product which is combined with fruits and vegetables. These ingredients are blended together to make an advanced supplement for body restoration.


PM Essentials is a product used to give rest while sleeping and restore the body. ZEN BODI, on the other hand, helps reduce appetite and eliminate excess fat in the body. Nevo product is used to energize the contains fresh fruits with energy.


NV product was developed to keep the skin nourished and admirable. It was enhanced with APT-200 for this purpose. M1ND supplement is another product developed by the company to enhance memory and improve concentration.