Chain Smokers: A New Beginning

When it comes to topping the charts with multiple hits, few artists can attest to achieving this amazing feat. In general, music is in a different place thanks to social media. Retail stores that once sold compact discs, albums and tapes are no longer the “top dog” for selling music. We are living in some of the most technologically advanced times, and the digital age has made it much more easy to receive an abundance of music. The Chainsmokers personifies this notion brilliantly. This phenomenal DJ and production duo has had hit after hit since the band’s formation in 2012. The two members of the band are Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. They’ve acquired massive hits over a two-year span with songs like “Roses” and “Paris.”

The Chainsmokers are known for their eclectic sense of style. The band’s music can’t be boxed into one category as it pulls from multiple genres like hip hop, indie and pop. Since being classified as a EDM-pop duo, the Chainsmokers has been blazing the charts ever since they released the 2014 hit “Selfie.” After this mega-song was released, the duo unloaded with a borage of other hit songs like “Closer.” Racking-up the awards has been another benefit for making such good music. The duo’s first top-five single, “Don’t let Me Down,” won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. The Chainsmokers are known for their carefree type of dance tracks, but today is a new day. The duo has revamped its style by giving their music a darker tone. The duo’s new single, “Sick Boy,” has ushered in a new style of music. “This track is a reflection to what’s going on in society,” said Taggart.

The song’s vibe is definitely darker, but it works for the duo as they’ve become somewhat of a caricature. A bit of frustration and anger can be felt in this new music thanks to the opinions of a few. All in all, it looks like the Chainsmokers will surely have another hit and this new style of music shows their range as true artists.