Surf Air makes private air travel affordable

Surf Air is a revolutionary new airline operating out of California, with service to the majority of the United States and some destinations in Europe. The company has done what has until this point been impossible; it has made genuine private air travel affordable to a large portion of air travelers.

Surf Air uses a brand-new and highly efficient aircraft, the Pilatus PC-12. The PC-12 is capable of attaining near-jet speeds, climbing fast to altitude and hitting top speeds of over 400 miles per hour. The PC-12 is not only able to achieve flight times similar to jets, particularly on local and regional flights, but it is also able to get astonishing fuel economy, with fuel consumption on a per-mile basis similar to a large truck. While this may not sound impressive, consider that a typical midsize business jet often gets on the order of 5 gallons per mile. This makes the PC-12 incredibly efficient and a much lower-cost alternative to business jet travel.

But even if jet-like speeds and relatively tiny costs versus other forms of private air travel sound like a great deal, consider that the Surf Air’s real selling point is the fact that total travel times are often far less than even those of private jet travel. This is due to the fact that the PC-12s takeoff and landing performance are such that it can easily fly in and out of almost all of the nearly 15,000 registered airports in the country, including grass and gravel airfields. This means that Surf Air can fly in and out of nearly 15 times the destinations of even a highly capable jet like a Lear 45. And they can fly to literally hundreds of times as many airports as commercial airlines. All of this adds up to round trips that can take as little as 10 percent of the time required by commercial air travel.

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