Southridge Capital’s Influence in the Financial World

Southridge Capital LLC. provides financial solutions to its wide range of clients that mainly comprise of public companies. Its executive team has a great command of the market and works relentlessly to give the clients well laid out financial plans. They go the extra mile of ensuring that the plans are adequately executed.

It has been in business since 1996 and more than 250 growth companies have benefited from their investments. Their great wealth of experience allows them to offer custom built solutions to public companies. Be it challenges in managing the balance sheet or financial practices that will suit a company or growing a company from scratch, the team is on hand to support its clients.



Henry B. Sargent, Narine Persaud, Linda Carlsen, Laurence J. Ditkoff and Stephen M. Hicks form the management team of Southbridge Capital. Hicks who is the founder of the organization doubles up as its chief executive. Ditkoff directs research activities, Carlsen serves on the investment management team, Narine is the Controller while Henry serves as the General Counsel. You can checkout to see more.



Finance and Advisory services

The financial services offered are geared towards providing relevant financial solutions, making a company more creditworthy and guaranteeing the security of the client’s company. The cash flow of a company determines the solutions that are provided. Clients get an opportunity to generate capital on their own terms as a result of the Equity Purchase Agreement they receive from Southridge Capital.


Based on newswire, southridge Capital also helps clients to analyse their finances with a view to better their returns. Companies on the brink of bankruptcy can seek their services which will see them be structured in a new way to remain afloat. Their legal department offers guidance on how to efficiently handle litigations. Clients looking to make acquisitions or merge with other companies can receive suggestions on the best partners to pick.

Philanthropic work


Aside from their regular services, Southbridge l have also given back to the society.The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, the LounsBury House, the Danbury Hospital and the RidgeField Sunrise Cottage are some of the organizations that have received a hand from the financial giant. This has been done in partnership with the Daystar Foundation that was founded by Mr Hicks and his wife. The company also encourages community leadership as well as voluntary services.




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