Software Programmer William Saito

William Saito comes from Japan. William’s name was on the list of top 100 most persuasive people in Japan by Nikkei. He started his software programming while he was still at the elementary school. His first company came up when William was in high school. In 1998, USA Today, NASDAQ, and Ernst & Young named William as the entrepreneur of the year. Saito was recognized as one of the top most influential people in the world in encryption, biometric authentication as well as cybersecurity. William sold his first company to Microsoft after which he moved to Tokyo in 2005. While in Tokyo, he developed another company by the name InTecur. InTecur is a firm that deals with venture capital as well as consultancy services. Moreover, the company offers insights to young entrepreneurs on how to grow in their businesses and developing universal talent. William Saito was then appointed to the council of national strategy and policy in 2012. The commission reports directly to the Prime Minister of Japan.

Several companies and institutions employ William Saito’s advice in their operations. Moreover, William has offered his help to so many social environments throughout the world such as MIC. For example, in Japan William has guided METI, MLIT, METX, and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the Information Technology Promotion Agency and many others. William has been working as the Chief Technology Officer at the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent investigation commission since 2011. Additionally, William Saito is a foundation board member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). WEF named William as the council member to the Global Agenda and the Young Global Leader. He is currently the special advisor to the Cabinet Office, and he lectures in various universities and sits in the board of several organizations.

William Saito, an investor and venture capitalist, works at the tech revival forefront in Japan. He majorly focuses on business with enough potential that has earned him an enviable resume in young entrepreneurs and start-ups organizations. While doing his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Riverside, William came up with his first company right from his hostel room. Since that time, William has dedicated his time and resources to helping start-ups organizations to rise from the ground. According to William Saito, failure is not harmful but a significant step for organizations to succeed. Taking risks enables organizations to be more innovative. Moreover, William argues that when an idea fails, it is an opportunity to know why it failed and improve on it the next round.

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