Shaping Dallas With James Dondero

With experience in the equity and also credit markets stretching to over 30 years, James Dondero is the current president and co-founders of Highland Capital management, which offers various products plus solutions to investors interested in institution and retail investments. Highlands currently manages $13.5 billion in their assets category including through affiliates like Acis Capital, the other affiliate, Nextpoint, deals in various categories including:

Closed funds, through NextPoint Advisors

Healthcare BDC through NextPoint Capital

REITS through NextPoint Residential Trust

Dondero’s company was recently given a 5 star rating by Morningstar in the 2014 Global Allocations category. The same year, it also won the Lipper Award in the Floating Rate Opportunities category and also got top ranking as a Healthcare Long and Short Equity fund by Morningstar. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Career growth

James Dondero graduated from McIntire School of Commerce from the University of Virginia, double majoring in accounting and finance, he graduated with the highest honors in both, getting a Beta gamma sigma and beta alpha Psi, he is also holds certification for both management accountancy (Certified Management Accountant) and financial analysis ( Chartered Financial Analyst). His first job was with American Express, doing for them corporate bond analysis in 1985 and rose to be the Portfolio manager for fixed income funds amounting to approximately $1 billion, in 1985, Dondero left American Express to join GIV,a subsidiary of Protective Life, which he helped grow from a small subsidiary to a $2billion company.


Mr. James Dondero also sits in boards of various companies, he is the board chairman for NextBank and Nextpoint, and he also chairs the boards in Cornerstone Healthcare plus CCS Medical. Apart from chairing the aforementioned boards, Mr. Dondero sits in various companies’ boards; these include American Banknote and MGM studios boards. Follow James on Linkedin.

The conclusion

A philanthropist, Jim, as he is usually known to his friends or family, has supported and still supports various charities, these include Education is freedom, the Snowball express, the Tower Scholars program at SMU and also Uplift Education. He also supports Perot’s Natural Science museum and George Bush’s Presidential library and institute. He also donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo to help in its reconstruction.


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