Sentient AI Empowering Companies to Scale their Marketing Model through Multi-Variate Testing

People who have been keeping a close watch on the advertising and marketing industry are well aware of the fact that the artificial intelligence technology is going to play a pivotal role in the industry in the times ahead. More than eighty percent of the marketers in the United States believe that the consumers are now ready for the artificial intelligence technology. The artificial intelligence technology can help in understanding what the customers are looking for and the differences in the shopping and interaction pattern of different consumer groups. Such model can play a very significant role when designing a marketing strategy. The keyword in the world of advertising today is targeted advertising, and the multi-variate feature of artificial intelligence technology would help in achieving that more accurately.


Multi-variate testing means dividing one marketing campaign into different segments to see what is working and what isn’t. It helps to find out the aspects of the marketing campaign that are being liked by the customers, and the ones that are ineffective or ignored. Thus, the marketing campaign can be tweaked in real-time to make it more targeted as well as customized to attract more attention from its customers. If a company gets their marketing campaign live and starts getting results, how would it be ever known as to which aspect of the campaign is the primary driver of the customers’ interest or sales? How can it be known as to what is catching the attention of the audience? The answers to these and other similar questions can be answered accurately by multi-variate technique powered by the artificial intelligence technology.


Sentient AI is one of the most reputed providers of AI technology, and the company has been around since 2007. Sentient AI continues to develop new extensions of the AI technology to help its clients generate higher revenue, boost their conversion rate, drive more sales, improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns, and reach out to a broader audience in a targeted fashion. The multi-variate testing and marketing model helps in refining the marketing model of the businesses to perfection. It is the most excellent way available these days to analyze the variables of the marketing campaign and see what is working and what isn’t in real time so that necessary changes can be made to make the most of each marketing dollar spent. The use of multivariate testing through artificial intelligence technology also helps in offloading a lot of pressure from the employees of the company to manually analyze data reported from the marketing campaigns.

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