Securus Technologies Has Their Customers’ Words About Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies has developed various communication platform and correctional facility management systems over the years to help administrators and correctional officers mitigate emergencies. Those platforms include enhanced surveillance tools, electronic mail scanners, advanced data capture and analytics, voice recognition, and other biometric recognition software. Securus has made the job of law enforcement much easier by providing them access to information pertaining to investigations, and connecting them to various criminal databases. Securus has received many thank you letters and testimonials describing how helpful their technology has been, and recently CEO Rick Smith decided to disclose some of those letters to let people know what others are saying about Securus.


One customer spoke about the uncovering of several drug operations going on in their facility, illegal contraband use, and even an illicit sale of prescription drugs taking place outside the facility. Another spoke about a corrupt officer who was found aiding illegal inmate activities. Others spoke about conversations uncovered regarding local shooting crimes, and even how a sheriffs department was able to recover illegal assets and drug money that they had had no success finding prior to Securus investigator tool usage. Many corrections officers and even inmates have had their lives saved by Securus’s incident response system.


Securus Technologies serves thousands of corrections facilities across the nation and has been in business for over 30 years. They hire some of the most qualified technicians to install their communication media, including several who recently received the BICSI Installer 1 certification. Securus has a kiosk system that allows inmates to purchase items, signup for online courses, and now they can file most of their paperwork electronically through the system. Families can visit their loved ones through signing up with the video visitation service which allows them to visit an inmate in the comfort of their own home using the internet and a webcam.


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