Sahm Adrangi: Managing The ‘Hedges’

Sahm Adrangi is anything but your typical hedge fund manager. Adrangi is the individual behind Kerrisdale Capital (KC). Kerrisdale Capital is a source of financial support for scientific research.

More specifically, Kerrisdale Capital provides funding in the fields of biotechnology and aviation. As this piece goes to press, approximately 50 investments have already been finalized. Those interested in reviewing all the specific details concerning all of the above-mentioned investments need only navigate to the official Kerrisdale website. View Sahm Adrangi at

Sahm Adrangi is totally dedicated to both honesty and transparency. Adrangi and the official Kerrisdale Capital website are reported to provide interested investors with continued inspiration. Adrangi was originally employed in the field of credit and finance and he gained a lot of real-world experience working with both distressed debt and hedge funds.


Sahm Adrangi is at present employed as the chief investment officer (CIO). Reputed to be a “hands-on” manager, he supervises every single aspect of the organization’s operations. In addition, he handles the firm’s portfolio of investments.

He founded KC back in 2009. It all began with under $1 million in start-up funds. Under Adrangi’s expert nursing, the initial fund eventually grew into approximately $150 by the summer of 2017. While serving as the CIO, Sahm Adrangi published his own personal research and also made other additional investments.


Short Sales

Adrangi’s organization has reportedly made many investments in the area of short sales. He also made some investments in a few Chinese-owned businesses. He did so because he thinks of China as a source of noteworthy economic growth. That’s why he shorted businesses like the China Marine Food Group which was once fraudulent. Companies such as that one were spotlighted by the SEC for enforcement of securities laws.

Developing Significant Expertise In Biotechnology

Adrangi is additionally now focusing on the further development of his knowledge of other specific areas. Kerrisdale Capital continues to place a strong focus on the field of biotechnology and a significant involvement with providing capital for a venture. Sahm Adrangi professional career and his company have greatly benefited from exposure to this industry. More details on Sahm Adrangi at

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