Rocketship Education: A Leader in Learning

Rocketship Education, in the Bay Area of California, has over ten schools and six thousand students. California is the birthplace to these wonderful non-profit, public school system. These elementary schools, in neighborhoods with limited access to good schooling, meant for low-income families. Students that attend the Rocketship Education schooling are known as rocketeers, rather than students, are ahead of their peers, when entering middle school, in both Math and Reading, by at least one year, based on a three-year study.

Rocketship Education has Three Pillars to their success: Teachers and Leaders, Personalized Learning, and Engaged Parents. The three of these combined have shown to increase a rocketeers chance for extraordinary success.

Teachers and Leaders

The school provides training for the teachers as well as the students. They give them dedicating coaching, professional development, and a leadership program. All of these factors help the teachers and leaders to grow both professionally and personally to better help the rocketeers learn at the amazing rate. There is no special training times or meetings for the teachers and leaders, it is all part of a regular work day for them.

Personalized Learning

Every single rocketeer has their own unique instruction manual, because no one person is alike, not everyone learns alike. Rocketship Education combines traditional instructions, technology, tutoring, and learning at the rocketeers own pace. This helps to engage the students more, make them want to learn, and provides them everyone to learn the way that they learn.

Engaged Parents

This is a huge key to the success of Rocketship Education. Parents that are part of the child’s education are essential to them learning anything. Children watch every move their parents make, this is why it is so important to have parents engaged within a student’s learning.

Leadership at home would mean helping your child with homework, with reading, with math. Showing them how to manage running a household, making dinner, cleaning, etc. But most importantly being a positive role model for their little ones. Kids are such little sponges they learn from what they see.

Showing leadership within the school, such as meetings, planning school events, assisting the teacher, shows your little one that you are a part of their education. It shows them that you do want to them to succeed in life.

Also as important is your community involvement. Being active in the community, participating in school boards and standing up for students rights.

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