Richard Blairs Three Pillar Approach on Investments

Richard Blair is a highly acclaimed investment advisor in Texas, especially in the Austin area. He and his investment advisory firm, Wealth Solutions, have been playing a crucial role in generating high-quality wealth for the people of Texas for the last few decades. Interestingly, his firm is working as an RIA or Registered Investment Advisory company. Blair says that everyone should have some sort of solid investment plans to achieve their financial goals. He identified helping the people of Austin as his responsibility and started wealth management and retirement planning services for them.

The company has designed a unique financial planning process to serve all its customers effectively. The holistic three-pillar approach is catering the needs of the wealth and retirement needs of the customers by quickly identifying their financial condition. While coming to pillar 1, the designing of the financial roadmap of the client is taking place by understanding their goals, strengths, growth opportunities, and risk tolerance. In pillar 2, a long-term strategy is developed to meet the investment requirements of the clients after concluding their liquidity requirements and investment goals. Here, Blair personally takes care the funds and manages the portfolio with a focus on ensuring maximum performance.

In pillar 3, after implementing the financial plan for the client, Richard Blair focuses on their insurance needs by considering the annuity, life insurance, and long-term care requirements. Blair often says that his interest to help individuals and families began with his family background. Both his grandmother as well as mother were teachers with the dedication to share their knowledge. Blair confirms that people earn confidence and advance their knowledge while choosing to teach as a profession. Clubbed with his love towards finance, he decided to choose financial services industry as his domain to serve people in and around Austin.

Richard Blair established the investment advisory firm in 1994, and he ensured that it is offering unbiased and independent advice to its customers. Blair has expert knowledge in retirement planning and offers unique and individualized services. He is also focused on various risk factors in the investment sector and carefully analyses such factors to set financial plans that can offer minimalized risk to his customers. In order to sharpen his skills and knowledge in the financial industry, Blair completed a number of professional certifications including CES, CFS, RICP, and CAS. He earned his graduation in Finance from the University of Houston and collaborated with some financial firms in the initial year of his career.

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