Ricardo Tostos explains why Brazil is a land of many lawyers but slow justice system

Brazil has numerous law schools that are spread across different regions of the country. Consequently, the number of lawyers in the country is also high. Currently, there are close to one million lawyers practicing law in Brazil. All the Brazilian lawyers go through a rigorous University education system and Bar examination, which most of them consider being extremely tough. This education system has trained Brazilian lawyers to be hardworking, and most of them are excellent and professional when representing their clients.

In 2010, India was ranked as the country with the highest number of trained lawyers. The United States took the second position with more than one million certified lawyers, and Brazil came in the third position with about 650,000 professional lawyers.

Do the huge figures translate into better services?

One of the main reasons why Brazil has such a vast number of lawyers is the numerous law schools that are spread all over the country. Brazil has more law schools than all the law schools in the entire continent put together.

The number of certified lawyers in Brazil is about 800,000, but according to figures in public domain, if all the law students were to be approved today, there would be approximately three million lawyers in the country. In any law firm in Brazil, there are more interns than professional lawyers.

Brazil’s Judicial System

Brazil is among the few countries with mature and established judicial systems. The Brazilian law is borrowed much from the French, Portuguese and German law. Although there are clear legal systems in the country, the wheels of justice in Brazil turn slowly. Sometimes, it may take several years or decades to resolve cases in Brazilian Courts. It, therefore, takes a competent legal professional to maneuver through the corridors of justice to get justice.

According to Ricardo Tosto, a reputed Brazilian lawyer, the primary challenge with the Brazilian judicial system is the extraordinary workload that judges receive from the public. Since the passing of the constitution about two decades ago, many Brazilians were enlightened of their rights and they, therefore, fight for them in a court of law.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the most trusted and sought-after Brazilian Lawyers. His expertise and experience as a legal professional are unquestionable. He has amassed a wealth of experience over the years through practice and research which has provided him with qualities he needs to succeed as a lawyer. Ricardo launched his career in a small law firm and eventually grew to open his firm known as Leite Tosto e Barrows Advogados.


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