Susan McGalla: Grit Over Gender

In the article, “How Pittsburgh’s Susan McGalla Paved the Way for Women in Leadership” the author talks about the career of Susan McGalla and what that can mean for women that want to occupy future executive roles. The article, on, is a great resource for some of the things that can be done to help women who what to climb the corporate ladder.

One of the major themes of the article is the overall upward mobility of women in the business world. At this time, there are a plethora of initiatives aimed at diversifying the workforce. Unfortunately, this has had little effect on the current population. In fact, the author eloquently points out that if these initiatives worked there would already be a marked change in the leadership population. The problem, he says, is that there are not enough female mentors. When thinking about all the powerful business leaders of S&P 500 companies, only a very small percentage of C-level positions are held by women. The solution is for women that have already attained these positions to reach out to future female executives and foster their growth. A mentorship program would go a long way towards equalizing the current climate.

Susan McGalla, a woman that has broken into the field of corporate leadership, has never been one to shy away from a challenge. In Ohio, she grew up with two brothers and a football coach as a father. She cites her upbringing as a key aspect of her success. With a father that would never accept anything less than everything she had to give, McGalla learned from an early age that giving up was not in the cards.

After college, she entered the business world determined to make her mark. She started with American Eagle Outfitters in an executive role and moved up to President. After working there for a time, she thought that some vocational freedom was in order and she set out to forge her own path. Currently, McGalla serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers and she runs her own consulting business. She has proven that fighting your way to the top is all about grit and determination, not gender.

Everything You Need to Know About IDLife

IDLife is a nutritional plan that focuses on nutrition designed to promote healthy living and wellness. The plan offers a variety of products that help people adopt individualized nutrition so that they can live up to their potential and achieve their dreams under a stable physical and mental health.

The plan, which was started by Logan Stout, has exceeded the expectations of many. Initially, people thought that it was just a scheme that was out to make money without anything substantial to offer. This perception has changed dramatically, thanks to Logan’s commitment to offering highly effective solutions to those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. She has found a unique and highly effective way to address individual needs, leaving them satisfied, happy and contented. Instead of developing universal supplements, they examine their patients individually and develop a special package for each one of them.

As mentioned above, before IDLife recommends a supplement for their clients, they conduct a quick health assessment. The assessment is in the form of questions that touch on medical history, current drug prescriptions, lifestyle habits, eating habits, common allergies, stress levels, hereditary issues and health goals. One must create an account in order to participate in the assessment.

Due to the highly personalized nature of nutritional solutions, the treatment plans may vary widely. However, they can be rounded up into three main categories. These are shakes, weight management and sleep strips. The shakes contain nutrients derived from chia seeds. These seeds have a lot of healthy fatty acids and fiber, making the supplements an ideal choice for healthy digestion and mental function.

The weight management supplements suppress the body’s urge for food. This lowers the rate of calorie intake, reducing weight in the process. The sleep strips create a well-balanced body. They release L-Theanine and melatonin, which are great for supporting quality sleep.

Other products offered by the nutrition plan include energy boosters for mental focus and clarity, hydration supplements for optimum hydration and snack bars for organic and gluten-free diet.

If you want to buy IDLife products, visit their website and take a free online assessment. They only sell through specific sales representatives in the United States and Puerto Rico. You can request for delivery once you complete the assessment and receive a member ID. Alternatively, you can get their sales representatives on Amazon. You can also become their associate and earn up to $500 bonus.

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ClassDojo Invest Heavily in New App to Facilitate Teacher-Parent Connection

Education Technology has brought a lot of fun in learning. Edtech companies have recorded tremendous success in the past few years. Some of the Edtech companies that registered a positive growth in 2016 include ClassDojo, PE Hub, and Nearpod. Nearpod got a funding of $21 million that facilitated the debuting of over 300 digital lessons. ClassDojo also invested over $21 million to fund the development of the app that connects parents to teachers.

There are several Edtech products, and teachers are not enticed by any product that comes in the market. They are looking for products that are:

Solution Oriented

Teachers use ClassDojo in scheduling activities that they use to show the parents how their children are doing at school. They can take photos and videos of the student’s participation in class and share with parents. ClassDojo has been among the best education tech businesses that have simple apps geared to creating community among students, parents, and teachers.

Products that are designed to lure teachers get it difficult to penetrate into the market. ClassDojo has been proved to be efficient and is currently being used by over 90% of K-8 schools district in the United States. This means that 2 in 3 schools in the US use this app.


Initially, education tech companies would take their products to teachers and let them try it and establish if it suits their need or not. Things have changed with many companies coming to the market. Edtech accelerators have come to do what teachers were doing. They try all the products and advice the developer accordingly so that they give teachers ready to use products. These help teachers get the suitable technology and edtech companies to adjust where necessary.

Easy to Implement and Adapt

Educational technology should be easy to adapt. Getting the product that teachers can’t implement is insignificant in education modernization. ClassDojo is working to make it easy for parents to buy videos, yearbooks, lessons and discussion guides that they can use at home with their children. They are also planning to include features that will help parents pay schools through phones. Edtech companies are geared to creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

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UTC Thrives under Legendary Louis

Louis Chenevert is known as a legend in the business world and with good reason. During his time as the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation, he raised the value of the business to $63 billion. Chenevert was able to raise the company’s shares from $37 to $117. His company has never missed a dividend payment during his time at the helm and UTC is now known as dominating the sector of aerospace manufacturing. All this was a possibility because Chenevert spent his entire life preparing for that moment. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Louis Chenevert began preparing for his role at United Technologies Corporation during his sting at HEC of Montreal. Here, he would graduate at the top of the class with a degree in production management.

Chenevert would use this degree to land a job at General Motors in its Pontiac division as a Production General Manager. He chose this job for a specific reason. GM was known as a training ground for future Chief Executive Officers, which is what Chenevert wanted to be one day. When General Motors offered to promote him to the divisions Production General Manager Supervisor, he said no and went to work for Pratt & Whitney.

Louis Chenevert worked for Pratt & Whitney for six years before the board decided that he should function as the company’s next president. Chenevert served so well in this role that soon enough, United Technologies Corporation made him an offer he’d be a fool for refusing. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

United Technologies Corporation offered Louis Chenevert the role of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman and a compensation package totaling over $24 million.

During his run at United Technologies Corporation, Louis Chenevert led them to dominate the aerospace manufacturing sector. He practically took over all the military contracts and became the lead provider of military jets and helicopters.

Louis Chenevert would secure United Technologies Corporation’s dominance by acquiring Pratt & Whitney, Otis, and Goodrich. All three cost the company over $20 billion.

Louis Chenevert stepped down from United Technologies Corporation in 2014 and went on to become a consultant for Goldman Sachs.



Techstyle’s Unique Approach towards Integrating Technology into Fashion

Thousands of businesses recognize the power of digital marketing and launching a CRM system. Since 2016, fashion companies have recorded a boost in the use of the system to manage customers’ preferences and their shopping patterns. One of the highly successful brands in the industry took the new model by storm by integrating a monthly shopping option to customers. The Techstyle Fashion Group is a sportswear brand dealing in women attires.

The firm has undergone a massive revolution since its birth in 2010. Techstyle started as JustFab, with a membership program to send out shoes to clients every month upon their request. After two years, the firm’s sales were at 2.5 million shoes, with a subscription of six million in count. The management decided to expand the business by acquiring Shoe Dazzle and FabKids. In 2016, JustFab rebranded its name to reflect how it embraces technology in the world of fashion.

Techstyle Group uses complex technological innovations to stay ahead of the curve. Their IT team has expert skills in data science, membership commerce and personalization to effect efficient SEO results. The firm’s CMO, Gold, added that Techstyle has a long-term vision regarding technology due to the heavy inclination towards merging IT and fashion.

One way the group advances their development in the industry is by holding regular company meetings with all the staff to establish areas that need improvement. In 2015, Techstyle began using highly advanced algorithms that applied the advice of tech mogul Kantar Retail to match their clients’ styles. Adam Goldenberg is a co-CEO of the firm whose history in technology plays a primary role in helping the firm focus on machines for fashion. He started a gaming website at age 13, which he later sold to Intermix at age 17.

Adam Goldenberg established Intelligent Beauty in collaboration with Techstyle’s co-CEO Don Ressler to maximize the revenues earned from fashion using e-commerce. Don Ressler’s first online business was, which sold at an attractive price to MySpace. Don Ressler is a seasoned business persona who helped the acquisition of his employer, Intermix, to News Corporation at $670 million. Don currently heads Techstyle’s branch dealing with vision, talent and customer service.

Kate Hudson is the third co-CEO of the firm, whose skills in business negotiations aid in creating beneficial relationships with other players in commerce. Techstyle’s headquarter office is located in El Segundo and covers a 120,000 square foot space. The firm’s staff has an unwavering commitment to make a mark in the fashion industry, hence advance the mission collectively.

The Music And Financial Career Of Cassio Audi Takes Many Twists And Turns

There are few financial experts in the world who can have led an interesting and influential early careers as Cassio Audi now known as one of the world’s leading investment specialists on the developments in the Brazilian economy. For the majority of his fellow investors and clients following Cassio Audi’s tips and advice the heavy metal history of the Sao Paulo University Professor is rarely known or understood; in 1985, Audi joined forces with a group of his friends to become one of the leading figures in the development of the band, Viper, and Brazilian heavy metal.

Already a successful and well-known figure in the Sao Paulo music scene, Cassio Audi was asked to join Viper by its founding members in 1985 when he was already a member of two other local bands. Utilizing a drumming style based on his heroes from the British new-wave of heavy metal, Cassio Audi developed his career by performing with Viper during live performances and in recordings created by members of the band.

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Cassio Audi appeared on a number of early Viper recordings, many of which were never meant to be released to the public but recorded to try out new songs. Bootleg copies of two homemade recordings were released as bootleg copies to an eager public in Sao Paulo and from across Brazil under the title, “The Killer Sword”. Read more about Cassio Audi at

The success of the early demo recordings was followed by the release of the critically-acclaimed debut studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” in 1987. The band seemed set for global success before Cassio Audi made the decision to return to his education in 1989 as he followed his dream of becoming an investment specialist. Now an established figure in Brazil’s economy, Cassio Audi has been given the role of teaching capitalist theories to students at his own alma mater of Sao Paulo University. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

Shaping Dallas With James Dondero

With experience in the equity and also credit markets stretching to over 30 years, James Dondero is the current president and co-founders of Highland Capital management, which offers various products plus solutions to investors interested in institution and retail investments. Highlands currently manages $13.5 billion in their assets category including through affiliates like Acis Capital, the other affiliate, Nextpoint, deals in various categories including:

Closed funds, through NextPoint Advisors

Healthcare BDC through NextPoint Capital

REITS through NextPoint Residential Trust

Dondero’s company was recently given a 5 star rating by Morningstar in the 2014 Global Allocations category. The same year, it also won the Lipper Award in the Floating Rate Opportunities category and also got top ranking as a Healthcare Long and Short Equity fund by Morningstar. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

Career growth

James Dondero graduated from McIntire School of Commerce from the University of Virginia, double majoring in accounting and finance, he graduated with the highest honors in both, getting a Beta gamma sigma and beta alpha Psi, he is also holds certification for both management accountancy (Certified Management Accountant) and financial analysis ( Chartered Financial Analyst). His first job was with American Express, doing for them corporate bond analysis in 1985 and rose to be the Portfolio manager for fixed income funds amounting to approximately $1 billion, in 1985, Dondero left American Express to join GIV,a subsidiary of Protective Life, which he helped grow from a small subsidiary to a $2billion company.


Mr. James Dondero also sits in boards of various companies, he is the board chairman for NextBank and Nextpoint, and he also chairs the boards in Cornerstone Healthcare plus CCS Medical. Apart from chairing the aforementioned boards, Mr. Dondero sits in various companies’ boards; these include American Banknote and MGM studios boards. Follow James on Linkedin.

The conclusion

A philanthropist, Jim, as he is usually known to his friends or family, has supported and still supports various charities, these include Education is freedom, the Snowball express, the Tower Scholars program at SMU and also Uplift Education. He also supports Perot’s Natural Science museum and George Bush’s Presidential library and institute. He also donated $1 million to the Dallas Zoo to help in its reconstruction.


Amicus Therapeutics Engineering Treatment for Rare Conditions

Global biotechnology firm, Amicus Therapeutics focuses on therapies for rare and orphan diseases such as Epidermolysis Bullosa, CDKL5 deficiency, and Lysosomal Storage Disorders. The company targets programs that have three common factors. First, it should be in the rare disease category, have available clinical data that prove significant benefits for patients and incorporates top-notch technology. The premier treatment option from Amicus Therapeutics is the migalastat, a precision medicine for Fabry disease treatment. When administered, migalastat factors in the genetic diagnosis. Another product in the late-stage development is the SD-101, a therapy for treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa. Visit Market Watch to know more about Amicus Therapeutics.

With the CHART technologies and biologics, Amicus Therapeutics is developing enzyme replacement therapy products for the treatment of Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs), Fabry and Pompe diseases. ATB200/AT221 used together with pharmacological chaperone is the lead product for Pompe illness. Amicus Therapeutics prioritizes personalized and compassionate care for the patients, families, and caregivers. As such, the company incorporates direct and personal relationships with clients in its organizational culture. Each member of the Amicus Therapeutics team has embraced its vision of improving care.

Passionate about their patients, Amicus Therapeutics has embraced an approach that showcases each treatment story in its offices around the globe. Amicus Therapeutics’ intention in doing so is to encourage other patients and to highlight the possibilities in the treatment of rare diseases. Amicus Therapeutics makes its decisions from the perspective of the clients and the affected friends and family. Each decision addresses the benefit to the patient and the likely risks. Amicus Therapeutics values ethics as much as it values its patients. The company upholds high standards of integrity and complies with the regulations in the sector.

In 2007, Amicus Therapeutics became a publicly traded company. Before Radius Ventures, New Enterprises Associations and Canaan Partners financed the company. The company received recognition for having the most extensive portfolio of pharmacological chaperones in the industry in 2014. Amicus Therapeutics has collaborated with major pharmaceutical companies like JCR Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline in research and development of treatment options.

With offices in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the US, Amicus Therapeutics is looking to transform the treatment of rare conditions. Know more about Amicus Therapeutics on

Don Ressler Brings Health Fashion and Cancer Awareness

For many women, fashion is more than just finding some good looking clothes. Fashion is also about standing up for a good cause. Don Ressler and Kate Hudson are no strangers to standing up for good causes. One of the most recent causes that they are standing for with Fabletics is breast cancer awareness. Given that Fabletics is primarily for promoting health in women as well as great fashion, women are more eager to buy products from the company because they like the idea of supporting noble causes and looking really good while at it.

One of the most frustrating things about fashion is when a customer sees a store that is filled with products she likes and not only finds out that the fashion company is not involved in anything that is noble but also finds out that the products come from rather shady methods. When she finds out that these methods are not only causing harm to the people who are creating these products, but are also causing harm to the environment, this can bring forth a lot of shame to the individual. It definitely is a huge dilemma for people who are trying to buy some good products.

With Fabletics, women are able to enjoy the products in good conscience because they are taking the time to make sure that they are involved in something that shows that women are very high in the list of priorities. After all, if a company wants women to buy their products, the best thing to do is make sure that the women know that they are cared about and looked at as more than just pockets of money.

Fortunately, Kate Hudson is one of the people involved in the running of Fabletics. She is very involved with making sure that women come together and are given something that is going to benefit them in many ways. There is the all-inclusive initiative mixed with the goal to bring forth greater awareness to breast cancer and even help with finding a cure for the condition. There is also information on preventative measures that can be taken with cancer.

The Challenge Of Safeguarding Company Data

Ever since the beginning of the information age, most of the businesses have been utilizing simple passwords to protect unauthorized access to their company data. Nevertheless, in today’s data breach landscape, a password is no longer enough to safeguard vital information. Password dumps and data leaks and especially hackers forcing their entry into computer systems and publicizing passwords and usernames on the open has become a regular occurrence. In reaction, security experts are looking for ways to downgrade the impact of this continuous threat.

In the last few years, multi-factor verification has become more pervasive, and it may be the time for biometric technologies to take their position as an alternative system of verification. Companies are also required to think the combinations and types of biometrics technologies carefully to utilize for authentication. However, we live in times when fingerprints can be hacked. Cybercriminals are known to develop fake prints from imprints on glassware or pictures in the public domain.

As businesses move towards or even consider utilizing biometrics as a method of authentication, the technology has a long way to go to become a backbone of the companies. Professionals need to look for ways to make technology more accessible to implement, more straightforward to use and develop the right balance. The companies need to know the difference between physiological and behavioral biometric authentication and how/when to control one, or both. The best technique is to select a combination of these methods in addition to a password to boost the identity and access management strategy of your company.

The founders of OneLogin Christian and Thomas Pedersen were associated with the success of Zendesk, the world’s most excellent on-demand help desk app. By interacting with the customers of Zendesk, it became apparent to them that companies were shifting to cloud in hordes hence the creation of OneLogin. The company offers cloud-based applications for identity management and single sign-on. It concentrates on those businesses that operate in the cloud, and it also provides clod apps utilizing SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID, and incorporation of web services. Established in 2010, OneLogin has partnered with the famous SaaS traders, and it has also won the confidence of most security-conscious companies globally.