Tim Duncan, Talos Energy Chief Executive Powers Through Adversity

Tim Duncan, Chief Executive of Talos Energy has been the process of putting together the right plan to assemble the necessary elements to complete the 2.5 billion merger of his privately held company (Stone Energy) both bankrupt and publicly traded. The risk is high, however the offset is that there’s no need for a public offering and it would make Talos Energy a public entity. In addition, while performing the process of putting together the deal Mr. Duncan was right in the middle of Hurricane Harvey, riding in a rescue boat with his family. Tim Duncan decide to not use his current situation as an excuse to stop looking for the necessary means to figure out a way to complete the merger deal. In May, Mr. Duncan the merger and now he presides over an oil company that has $700 million in debt against $2.3 billion in assets primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. However, to get access to the potential assets it will cost large amounts of money (millions) paired with the possible spills which will demand substantial fines to rectify.

Talos Energy currently produces 48K barrels per day and they plan to produce much more. It is Talos Energy hope to increase production by employing hydraulic fracturing (a new technology) to extract oil from old reservoirs. The main concern that Talos Energy has, is that the ways they can obtain oil has many road blocks. If Talos Energy goes the fracturing method, then they have to deal with the unpredictable, political environment and the US population. On the other hand, if Talos Energy tries to extract the oil from the Gulf Of Mexico, then there’s the potential for the high cost and possible oil spills. Regardless of the method used to obtain the oil, Tim Duncan is very eager to make things work. Even during the hurricane, Mr. Duncan held critical negotiations with Mackay Shields and Franklin Templeton Investments about restructuring in excess of $800 million of combined debt. In addition, Apollo Management and money managers Riverstone, Talos’ equity principal owners were part of the negotiations.

Tim Duncan has a keen ability to capitalize on problematic situations and as a result of Hurricane Harvey, his resilient abilities continue to grow stronger. Mr. Duncan is now about to capitalize on a jewel asset (Pompano Platform) for implementation for several new suitable prospects for new drilling and ease bondholders with his hedging abilities in the form of selling over 80% of 2018 output (future trades at $55 per barrel).


End Citizens United Builds A Major Grassroots Membership

In 2015, a new PAC was established in the capital of the U.S., Washington D.C. in a bid to fight against the constantly shifting sands of election campaign financing. Named End Citizens United, the PAC operates in a traditional way and was originally identified as having a narrow focus on the difficult task of reversing the controversial 2010 Supreme Court decision of Citizens United. End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller has expanded the reach of the PAC into the election campaigns of Democrats and progressive candidates who have declared they will not accept funding from special interest groups and billionaire financial donors.

What has proven so impressive in the rise of End Citizens United is the grassroots membership and donations accepted by the group over the course of its life. The average donation to the PAC is just over $14 and has resulted in the aim of reaching $35 million in donations as a campaign fund by the time of the 2018 Midterms. The bump in donations from the 2016 elections is a sign of the growing confidence of End Citizens United as an effective campaigning machine which uses grassroots members to drive the many victories seen by Democrats since the election of Republican President Donald Trump in the last election cycle.

Despite the growing importance and wide focus of End Citizens United’s work across the U.S. political landscape the group has become known for highlighting the issues of campaign financing in the wake of the Citizens United decision. Like most U.S. voters, Tiffany Muller does not believe special interest groups and billionaire political donors should have the right to influence entire elections because of the size of the checks they cash for candidates. The continuing issue of Republican candidates supporting Citizens United will make it difficult for the required majority to be reached to reverse the decision; however, End Citizens United are still fighting for a change in this creative Supreme Court decision.

The grassroots manner of the fundraising and campaign work of End Citizens United is based on the work completed during the Presidential campaigns of Democrat President Barrack Obama and independent Senator Bernie Sanders. Small dollar donations limited to just $5,000 per election cycle per member makes it certain the PAC is politically transparent and does not suffer from the undue political influence often used by special interest groups.

For details: thehill.com/social-tags/end-citizens-united

Chris Linkas The Power of Investing Young

Investing is a proven strategy to improve a person’s finances. Few people invest as they should. The average person does not feel prepared for retirement. Not only are debt levels rising, but many people are struggling with high housing costs.

Chris Linkas is an investment professional who has had a successful career. He is passionate about providing quality investment services to people in his local area. Chris Linkas has various certifications that prove his knowledge about finance. In the coming years, he plans to expand his practice and help additional customers.



Having financial success is more straightforward than many people realize. Few people understand how simple it can be to build wealth. For most people, the best place to start is to pay down debt. The average person has both credit card and student loan debt. With the rising cost of college, the student loan problem will only continue getting worse.

Once people start paying down debt, they have more money each month to use at their disposal. Chris Linkas likes for his clients to clear their debt and start investing the extra money.


Investment Options

There are numerous investment options for people to choose from recommended by Chris Linkas. Some people never start investing because they are worried about losing money. Other people do not invest because they feel like they lack the knowledge needed to have success.

Chris Linkas believes that a simple investing strategy is the best approach to take. Some people prefer complicated investing advice, but Chris Linkas tries to keep it as simple as possible. He teaches clients how to automate their investments so they do not have to make decisions related to their finances. In the coming years, Chris Linkas plans to continue helping customers with their financial issues. He also goes on various podcasts to give his investment advice.

Upwork suggest Ten Magical Ways to Quickly Complete Your To Do List

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you never get your daily tasks complete? At the end of the day, do you feel defeated and wonder “what did I do today?”?

To Do List are such an important part of many people’s daily lives. In this day and time it’s almost impossible to not use one to manage the day.

Many people do live their lives by their To Do List and still some have problems keeping the tasks organized and prioritized.

Upwork, the largest international freelancing website, provides some very important tips to their customers and employees on how to strategically plan their To Do List.

These tips promote success and meeting deadlines:

  1. Gather all tasks and put in writing

We all have multiple tasks we need to handle each day and throughout the week. Write each one down and assemble them accordingly.

  1. Prepare night before – have it ready to start the day

Having this list prepared the night before will actually give you a sense of direction for the next day.

  1. Prioritize

Of course it goes without saying, perform the most important ones. They need to be handled quickly and efficiently.

  1. Start more difficult and time consuming ones early

If possible the ones requiring more energy are probably best handled first thing in the morning. Since energy levels are higher in the morning these tasks can typically get finished quicker.

  1. Keep one list in one place – don’t scatter in several places

Having lists in several places can become less efficient. Only using one place whether it is on the smart phone, on a writing pad, or in a To Do journal can promote more efficiency and organization.

  1. Set deadlines and time constraints

Deadlines with time elements provide a sense of focus and organization. Setting times for each task with time started and time ending promotes more realistic timeframes.

  1. Evaluate throughout the day

Not everything will happen as planned. Adjustments will need to be made most of the time. Be prepared for adjustments and have a backup plan.

  1. Delegate if necessary

If the timeframe for an important goal is not working, perhaps delegating can solve the issue. Another person can pitch in and help out.

  1. Compartmentalize when necessary

Many tasks can be done with the same tools and same time. If this happens

tackle these together.

  1. Break large task into smaller pieces

If the task is very large and overwhelming, break into smaller pieces and work separately. Many times this allows the goals to be met sooner.

Upwork provides a platform for freelance business professionals to connect remotely with potential employers. Freelancers are able to set and negotiate their rates and Upwork receives a certain cut of their fees.

It was originally Elance oDesk founded in 1999. Elance was then rebranded to Upwork in 2015.

Upwork provides services for businesses of all sizes. These services include web development, web design, copywriting, virtual assistants, customer service, sales and marketing, accounting etc.


What you need to know about drinking alkaline Waiakea water

You have probably heard about benefits of drinking natural alkaline water. It can be difficult to digest a wealth of information out there about natural alkaline water. So, I will try to break it down for you in this short article.

Most of the people ask about what happens to alkaline water when it gets into the stomach that is highly acidic? The human body maintains different levels of pH for proper functioning. The normal pH of body fluids, especially the blood is slightly alkaline, with a pH range of 7.2-7.4. The pH in the stomach is highly acidic due to the production of hydrochloric acid. Our bodies maintain the pH through a process known as homeostasis, which maintains an appropriate pH for proper body functioning.

Is the alkalinity neutralized by acid in the stomach?

When you take alkaline water such as Waiakea with a pH of 8.8, the pH in the stomach goes up temporarily. Then your body immediately reacts to stabilize the stomach pH to a normal value of around four. The processes that occur at this time are beneficial to the human body. As the body produces more acid to counter the alkalinity in the stomach, it produces by-products known as bicarbonates. These by-products act as buffers to neutralize excess acid in the blood. The same results are obtained when you consume fresh green vegetables and certain fruits.

Waiakea water is sourced from the purest natural sources in the world

The purest water is found in rocky, volcanic mountains such as the Mauna Loa volcano. The water is naturally ionized as it flows over the volcanic rocks into waterfalls. As the water flows over the volcanic rocks, it carries along essential minerals such as silica which play vital roles in the human body. Besides, the volcanic rocks also contain bicarbonates such as calcium and magnesium bicarbonates which make the water soft and also add a pleasant taste to it.

Volcanic alkaline water is what you need to stay healthy

The alkalinity in the Waikea water helps to counter the acid reflux symptoms in the body. It helps the body to maintain an appropriate pH for proper functioning. The silica contained in the Hawaiian volcanic water acts as a strong anti-oxidant that slows down aging.


Why End Citizens United Wants To Reform Campaign Financing Laws

The political world was shocked when the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling on the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010. People are still working out even today what the long-term effect is of that ruling and many people and organizations remain opposed to the court’s ruling, such as the PAC End Citizens United.

Over the years there have been some very consequential cases the Supreme Court has ruled on which have been both immediately controversial and having a wide impact. Some of these have been the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision regarding abortion and the Brown v. Board of Education ruling which said that putting black and white children in different schools was against the constitution.

Citizens United was one of these rulings which has already directly impacted money and politics.

Citizens United is a conservative organization which in 2008 wanted to air a film attacking Hillary Clinton while she was running for president. The Federal Election Commission had issued a ruling that this film was a campaign ad for all intents and purposes. As such they had to reveal who paid for the ad and how much it cost to air it in order to comply with the law, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Citizens United decided to sue the Federal Election Commission rather than reveal who had paid for this film. The court ruled in favor of the Federal Election Commission and this was appealed all the way up to the Supreme Court. Incredulously to many, the majority decision was that corporations have the same right to free speech as people do, despite corporations not even existing back when the constitution was written.

In the wake of this ruling, End Citizens United formed as a political action committee. They want to put back in place sane campaign financing laws. Right now corporations can spend as much as they want to elect politicians and can do so under the cloak of anonymity. This has resulted in obscene amounts of money being used to elect politicians by corporations, most of them Republicans.

End Citizens United supports people running for political seats who want to put back in place reasonable limits on what corporations can spend on political campaigns. They were first active in the 2016 elections and have been very active in the runup to the 2018 elections. They financially support and endorse candidates who pledge to advance meaningful campaign reform.

Read More: endcitizensunited.org/our-team/

Southridge Capital’s Influence in the Financial World

Southridge Capital LLC. provides financial solutions to its wide range of clients that mainly comprise of public companies. Its executive team has a great command of the market and works relentlessly to give the clients well laid out financial plans. They go the extra mile of ensuring that the plans are adequately executed.

It has been in business since 1996 and more than 250 growth companies have benefited from their investments. Their great wealth of experience allows them to offer custom built solutions to public companies. Be it challenges in managing the balance sheet or financial practices that will suit a company or growing a company from scratch, the team is on hand to support its clients.



Henry B. Sargent, Narine Persaud, Linda Carlsen, Laurence J. Ditkoff and Stephen M. Hicks form the management team of Southbridge Capital. Hicks who is the founder of the organization doubles up as its chief executive. Ditkoff directs research activities, Carlsen serves on the investment management team, Narine is the Controller while Henry serves as the General Counsel. You can checkout citybizlist.com to see more.



Finance and Advisory services

The financial services offered are geared towards providing relevant financial solutions, making a company more creditworthy and guaranteeing the security of the client’s company. The cash flow of a company determines the solutions that are provided. Clients get an opportunity to generate capital on their own terms as a result of the Equity Purchase Agreement they receive from Southridge Capital.


Based on newswire, southridge Capital also helps clients to analyse their finances with a view to better their returns. Companies on the brink of bankruptcy can seek their services which will see them be structured in a new way to remain afloat. Their legal department offers guidance on how to efficiently handle litigations. Clients looking to make acquisitions or merge with other companies can receive suggestions on the best partners to pick.

Philanthropic work


Aside from their regular services, Southbridge l have also given back to the society.The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, the LounsBury House, the Danbury Hospital and the RidgeField Sunrise Cottage are some of the organizations that have received a hand from the financial giant. This has been done in partnership with the Daystar Foundation that was founded by Mr Hicks and his wife. The company also encourages community leadership as well as voluntary services.



Reference: https://www.southridgeholdingsllc.com/social-awareness


Peer-to-peer lending groups that loan out money to individuals have been around for years. Many of these companies loan smaller amounts between $10,000 to $50,000. Some of these lending platforms have been declining in the past few years. One such company that stands out of the crowd aside from these platform lenders is GreenSky Credit. Below, we will discuss what GreenSky Credit is and we will also shine the light on their innovative CEO, David Zalik.

GreenSky LLC, a financial technology company founded in 2006 and based in the Atlanta area, is a $3.6 billion dollar company. GreenSky Credit does not lend funds directly acquired from it’s own capital like traditional lending platforms or financial institutions. Instead, they are financed by larger retailers such as home improvement, medical or furniture stores. Essentially, they offer their clients favorable rates and terms for niche loans and act as the intermediary between the retailers and the borrowers. They are not considered a lender by nature but a financial technology company. The success of the company can mostly be attributed to their current CEO and co-founder, David Zalik.

David Zalik was born in Israel and moved to the U.S. when he was 4. His family moved to Alabama where his dad was a math teacher at Auburn University. David became somewhat of a math whiz and was taking college courses while in middle school. His high school years were spent at Auburn University. He eventually dropped out and started his own computer parts company called MicroTech and later sold the company at the age of 22 for millions. Eventually he moved to Atlanta, dabbled in successful real estate and technology ventures, and eventually started GreenSky. It is there that he was able to combine all of his past experiences to make GreenSky the success that it is today.

Today, GreenSky continues to grow and be a model for other companies. Recently, they announced a potential expansion of their business with a projected $100 million IPO. The time has come to finally embrace the model laid out by David Zalik and his GreenSky Credit team.


Vijay Eswaran CEO and Co-Founder of the Reputed QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs from across the globe. As the founder and CEO of QI Group of Companies, he has ensured that the organization continues to grow and achieve new heights of success with time. From the very beginning of his childhood, Vijay Eswaran showed signs of being enterprising. As Vijay’s father worked with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour, he traveled a lot across the country. After completing his schooling in Malaysia, Vijay moved to the United Kingdom, where he completed his graduation in socio-economics from the reputed London School of Economics. After completing his graduation, Vijay traveled across Europe for a couple of years and did odd jobs, including driving a cab and even plucking grapes in France.

Vijay Eswaran later moved on to do Masters in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University in the year 1986. It is what helped him gain considerable insight into the world of business and gain the knowledge of the corporate structure and functionalities. It is also during this time that he learned about and got to know more about multi-level marketing, and even worked for a US based company named Synaptics. After working for several years in the United States and Europe, Vijay Eswaran finally moved back to Malaysia in 1998 when he co-founded a multi-level marketing firm that went on to become the enormous e-commerce conglomerate, known today to the entire world as QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran has managed to make QI Group one of the largest Malaysian companies, which has many subsidiaries in different sectors, including wellness, beauty, retail, information technology, healthcare, luxury products, telecommunications, media, and travel. Vijay Eswaran is also a noted author and has written several books during his lifetime including Sphere of Silence, Two Minutes from the Abyss, 18 Stepping Stones, In the Thinking Zone, and On the Wings of Thought. These books are highly inspiring for the young as well as the old alike. He doesn’t only share his journey to success in these books but also motivates and inspires people not to give up and live with honesty and integrity as it is what would help you in the long-term.

Nick Vertucci- Build your Life Belief

Nick Vertucci has internally believed what he has seen in his entrepreneurship life, made a working plan and now acting on his vision. The founder of the famous NV Real Estates started his life from a humble background and succeeded making him a renowned businessman locally and internationally. Vertucci had a tough bring up considering his ordinary family, and at an early age, he ventured into a business specializing in the selling of computer accessories. He later went to a real estate academy getting skills that enabled him to venture successfully into the world of real estate business hence acquiring financial freedom.

After years of succeeding in real estate business, he launched his real estate academy Nick Vertucci Real Estate popularly known as NVREA. His idea of starting the real estate academy was motivated by the training he received in 2004 after attending three days real estate class helping him to gain investing traction in this competitive industry. Nick created a turnkey system where he spent into a different single-family rental, buying of foreclosure and rehabbing them than renting them out to individuals and investors. In 2014 after successfully achieving his financial goals he launched the real estate training academy teaching others the different ways and manners of succeeding in real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci days are versatile with his office located in OC California with other personal office attached to his outside patio and man cave. However, he likes dealing with his teams via phone or Skype with his primary focus on areas that creates more revenue. Nick believes in staying focused on the mandate and working engine that drives his business to success and setting goals that are the first stepping stones to his vision.

According to Nick Vertucci, seeing your ideal, believing in it, mapping it and finally executing it brings triumph in every business. Vertucci says creating patterns of having unbreakable self-belief in spite of the economic problems, haters, naysayers, and others helps him to keep moving forward and succeeding. Nick Vertucci states that every businessperson needs to plan and embrace for the evolving and changing world, technology and industries and advice his students at NVREA to save more and invest in real estate.