Omar Yunes and His Path to Worldwide Dominance

Yunes won the best franchisee of the world competition in 2015. The competition took place in Florence, Italy. It featured contestants from many countries. There were representatives from Italy, Argentina, Hungary, and Brazil who were all contesting for the award. Yunes has 13 franchise units all over Mexico in cities such as Veracruz and Puebla. He has close to 500 employees working in different positions in the units. He collectively owns ten percent of the units that are owned by Sushi Itto. This makes him a major stakeholder in the business of the brand.

Yunes said that he was very proud to receive the prestigious award. He was the only representative from all his units. He took the opportunity to thank his employees for their excellent service. Each franchisee was rated on the basis of the effect on the whole network of franchises. Other aspects that were considered include the improvements to the brand, cost savings, and the morale of the employees. Omar Yunes won the award because of how he had redefined the collaboration between the different units. He had developed a system that allowed him to manage the information and to come up with control boards. This helped him to measure the overall performance of each unit.

Benjamin Cancelmo is the CEO of Sushi Itto. He congratulated Yunes for the win. He said that the brand and the franchisees were working together to offer unique hospitality and excellent service. Diego Elizarraras is the organizer of the Mexican edition of BFW. He was pleased with the result and said that it showed progress. He pointed out that it was a change from the days when Mexican franchises were competing on the regional level. Omar Yunes is a prolific businessman and real estate investor from Mexico. He opened his first franchise when he was twenty-one years old. Yunes owns several properties in Mexico. He has a condominium building in New York City. He is the founder of several companies that manage his business interests. Yunes has made a name for himself because of his management skills and his business acumen.

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