O2Pur Features among the Top Stocks to Look Out For

The emergence of electronic cigarettes marked a new beginning. There had been a concerted effort by opponents of the cigarette industry to discourage people from tobacco consumption. Owing to the pressure to stop smoking tobacco and the accompanying resistance, eCigs were born. Earlier on, the giant players in cigarette manufacturing sector did not pay much attention; perhaps because they thought that the discouragement would have little impact on their share of the market. They thought that cigarette smokers would still smoke anyway. However, with the eCig option coming into play, the giant cigarette manufacturers jumped into the ring. Indeed, despite all discouragements, the cigarette manufacturing companies have continued to thrive. They were shaken but they have evolved. E-Cigs such as O2Pur helped the industry to continue to thrive.

The eCig versus Tobacco Manufacturers

After realizing that eCigs were indeed thriving in the new market and serving a unique and important market segment, major players such as BAT ventured in eCig production. Earlier eCigs depended on tobacco to produce their electronic alternative. However, with time and development of new technologies, eCigs have divorced from the tobacco association and gone completely independent. Companies such as O2Pur have come up with brands that have revolutionized the industry. On another front, the major cigarette manufacturers are teaming up with each other and eCig companies. BAT has bought Reynolds while Philip Morris has upped its eCig production by liaising with its former mother company. The risk of buying eCig stocks has dramatically been reduced.

The emerging trends and the O2Pur Factor

Ecigs are the buzz word on the stocks market. There is an increased consolidation of tobacco product manufacturers who are keen to carve a niche in the eCig market. With BAT already on a flat-out offensive; buying Reynolds- American and Altria working closely with Philip Morris, the stakes are high. The eCig industry is still under the control of the same old “suspects”. These companies have formed unions that help them to market and eCigs across the globe. Marlboro is now the carrier of the eCig products from these major traditional tobacco processors. However, there’s an emerging industry surprise; with a range of innovative products that have hit the market with promising outcomes. O2Pur has made efforts to completely divorce the tobacco stepbrothers and gone to sell eCigs without the tobacco innuendo lurking in the background

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