Nick Vertucci- Build your Life Belief

Nick Vertucci has internally believed what he has seen in his entrepreneurship life, made a working plan and now acting on his vision. The founder of the famous NV Real Estates started his life from a humble background and succeeded making him a renowned businessman locally and internationally. Vertucci had a tough bring up considering his ordinary family, and at an early age, he ventured into a business specializing in the selling of computer accessories. He later went to a real estate academy getting skills that enabled him to venture successfully into the world of real estate business hence acquiring financial freedom.

After years of succeeding in real estate business, he launched his real estate academy Nick Vertucci Real Estate popularly known as NVREA. His idea of starting the real estate academy was motivated by the training he received in 2004 after attending three days real estate class helping him to gain investing traction in this competitive industry. Nick created a turnkey system where he spent into a different single-family rental, buying of foreclosure and rehabbing them than renting them out to individuals and investors. In 2014 after successfully achieving his financial goals he launched the real estate training academy teaching others the different ways and manners of succeeding in real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci days are versatile with his office located in OC California with other personal office attached to his outside patio and man cave. However, he likes dealing with his teams via phone or Skype with his primary focus on areas that creates more revenue. Nick believes in staying focused on the mandate and working engine that drives his business to success and setting goals that are the first stepping stones to his vision.

According to Nick Vertucci, seeing your ideal, believing in it, mapping it and finally executing it brings triumph in every business. Vertucci says creating patterns of having unbreakable self-belief in spite of the economic problems, haters, naysayers, and others helps him to keep moving forward and succeeding. Nick Vertucci states that every businessperson needs to plan and embrace for the evolving and changing world, technology and industries and advice his students at NVREA to save more and invest in real estate.

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