NGP VAN changes political canvassing forever

The old way of canvassing a neighborhood for political purposes is still in effect today. It involves sending as many people as you can get to volunteer out to neighborhoods with clipboards and political buttons or stickers and getting signatures or information from people who are in favor of the cause. However, this can also be frustrating as people knock on doors of people who may not be favorable to the cause. It is time consuming and there must be a better way to do canvassing in the digital age. NGP VAN has come up with that solution with an app that digitizes political canvassing.

NGP VAN is a software company that has cut out the “cutting out turf” portion of canvassing. That’s the time where organizations spend making maps and creating lists of potential voters. Now, data is collected by NGP VAN and funneled into this app. Organizes can use the app to generate maps canvassers can carry on their phones and find their lists in the palms of their hands.

What the NGP VAN software requires is that organizes enter the region they want to canvass. The people creating the canvass program creates a script and separates out how many addresses they want their volunteers to knock on and the app creates the maps, lists and distributes them to the canvassers.

This kind of targeted approach helps make neighborhood canvassing more effective and, thus, more cost effective. NGP VAN’s app can help canvassers personalize their message and reach the people who will respond to that message more effectively. It ends up creating an approach which has a deeper and more effective response from voters which can save time and money for the volunteers.

So, the process of canvassing neighborhoods has reached the digital age. New software and approaches put the power of effective canvassing in the hands of those organizing their political prospects. It ends up saving time, money and effort, with greater potential effect.

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