NewswatchTV: the Recap and the Review

NewsWatch TV is a television show that airs Monday mornings at 7AM on the AMC and Ion networks. It is a consumer-based show that covers material of interest to the general public. The show reviews different products and gadgets, and covers political, celebrity and consumer news. They also convey public service announcements for viewers.

What makes NewswatchTV unique is that they ethically assist consumers AND businesses, while maintaining their loyalty to the viewers. They review products manufactured by major companies so consumers know what they are purchasing (or whether or not to purchase at all). This works very well for independent businesses also. NewswatchTV reviews independent companies, and shines the spotlight on these grassroots brands that normally would be overlooked by mainstream consumer and business shows. This, of course, brings attention to the product/service, and gains popularity with consumers (since they now know about it). It all then results in becoming a thriving business for an independent company.

Also, there are international companies that want to gain an American following, but need the marketing resource tool to target viewers. While NewswatchTV reviews products from well-known American brands, they also highlight products from international companies that would be very beneficial to the American consumer.

One of the reviews NewswatchTV has on its website is a review for an ergonomically beneficial workstation from a company named Countour Design. The review is quick (1 minute, 21 seconds), concise and to the point. The goal for Contour Design was to break into the American market. NewswatchTV’s video review did just that for them. The company’s Marketing Manager speaks of how the review reached 95 million new American households in 200 American markets, resulting in a major sales spike.

NewswatchTV can be seen on television or online. Stay informed and savvy with NewswatchTV!

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