Milan Kordestani; CEO, Writer, and an Equestrian

Milan Kordestani is undoubtedly bringing change in his hometown. He is the founder and CEO of Milan farms which was established in 2015. Apart from running a farm, he is also a columnist for the Huffington post and an equestrian. At his age, he has achieved so much that none of his peers would have achieved by dedicating himself to the work that he does.

Early life

Milan Kordestani was raised up in California. They relocated to London, England after his parents separated. He eventually came back to Bay area in 2010 where he later graduated in 2017 from High school. He had a passion for horse raising which he started at a tender age of 10. Unfortunately, he had a hard time during the ride being thrown off a running horse. However, he was brave enough to face his fears and trained hard. In 2015 he won the first leg of the triple crown on his horse. In 2016 Milan became second in World Championships Horse Show and he broke the record at his age which he still holds up to now.

Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani decided to establish Milan Farm in 2015 while still in school. He saw a gap in the way the animals were being treated and chose to raise animals in a humane manner. The farm produces eggs, poultry, and saffron mint. The farm is connected with a series of other farms across the country to boost production. He broke ground by becoming the first to grow saffron using hydroponic on sponge instead of soil. Milan farm is one hundred percent organic which is an established model he decided to follow. Many people in his home area prefer his products for being produced without hidden methods thus upholding openness and integrity.

Milan farms have become popular and thus expanded to other 3 farms to satisfy the needs of his customers. These farms supply eggs in Colorado and West Coast. Apart from using organic methods, Milan also employs technology. Recently he started to do a research on how the production of saffron can be increased using the hydroponics and aquaponic environment. In conclusion, Milan Kordestani success is a proof that with dedication a lot can be achieved.

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