Lori Senecal : Style that influences

Style is something that most people have. It is the way that we express ourselves to the world around us. Some people are so gifted that their style can be used to influence or create a sense of longing in others. That is the type of style that Lori Senecal has. Known for her very infectious personality the woman’s style is very much ingrained into pop culture and most people don’t even know it.

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP+B. She is known her very deep knowledge of advertising and marketing. Her job is marketing some of the worlds largest brands and getting consumers to invest. She attended McGill University where she earned her degree. She was actually the president of Mccann Erickson where she helped huge brands like Xbox and Coca-Cola in their advertising departments. Lori compares advertisement to having great style and this philosophy seems to be true as she lead KBS as the executive chairman to fast growth and larger ventures. It is now a global agency with over 800 employees. Lori specializes in coming up with creative technology that solve business problems. She has an uncanny ability to come up with creative styles and to focus on a challenge until its completely done. She has worked with multiple brands such as: BMW, Victoria Secret, Boar’s Head, and even American Express. For more details visit media post.

Lori Senecal credits many things for her talent and mindset for business. Primarily her time as a coach for a high school and college helped her develop leadership skills. These skills carried over into her ability to lead people to certain brands. She learned how to express her self in a non-abrasive way. Overall, she believes working towards excellence and a sense of compassion is what is needed to lead a successful ad campaign. Additionally, her time as a coach helped her to master positive beliefs. Check out Inspirery to know more.

Lori credits her parents with helping her be so successful as well as her mentors. But the main thing that sets her apart is her ability to think clearly and with keen focus on her goals. She feels the moment her clients are satisfied are the moments that she is the most satisfied and this shows her love of her craft. Lori Senecal has mastered the art of leading with style and she has left her mark in the cultural subconscious. You can visit LinkedIn for more.

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