Learn How To Host Wine Tasting Parties Like A Pro With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company wines and spirits. It empowers associates to sell wines through tasting parties in their homes. A wine tasting party is a simple way to enjoy time with friends conveniently from the comfort of your home. There are a few things to consider when planning to host a wine tasting party.

Choose a theme and select your wine samples based on the theme topic. Provide limited selections and don’t hesitate to switch up the brands a little. For example, offer pricey famous brands against little-known and inexpensive options. Provide appropriate snacks such as plain bread sticks and cocktails. This ensures guests can refresh their palates in between samples.

Have your supplies ready in addition to the bottles of wine. These may include the correct glasses, table dressing, and appliances to take in the wet waste expected from the tasting. Create an ambiance that is conducive to the senses using aids such as candles, music, specific foods, reference guides or photographs. Prepare the wine to make sure it is at its optimum flavor point. Set the table and ensure each member of your wine tasting party has easy access to the items they require including pads or recorders for taking notes.

Engage your guests and guide the conversation. Serve the samples and highlight the elements of the wine to discuss. Show them how to swirl the glass with wine, smell, whiff, and taste it. Exchange opinions and allow a short break in between the different samples. Highlight the popular tasting brands. Nurture discussions on the best wine pairing options with foods.

You can make money by hosting wine tasting parties for the Traveling Vineyard. You obtain starter kits, online training programs and local mentors. The company trains you to become a wine guide. Guests and colleagues can order the wines they liked from the winery presented, and you receive a commission on the purchases. You can visit the famous Napa Valley as a Traveling Vineyard wine guide to learn more about wine culture.

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Besides wine, the Napa Valley offers other fascinating sights to enrich your wine culture. It includes attractions such as an art walk and a historical society. You can also tour olive farms, a cooking school and recreational spas and parks. The trip will empower you with useful information about wines and wine culture. This will enable you to host wine tasting parties like a pro.

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