Kenneth Goodgame Has Made True Value A Better Store Chain

Kenneth Goodgame boasts of more than 20 years of experience. As so, he has various skills in profitable assortment creations, strategic planning, SKU rationalization, GM management and private label strategies. Apart from his vast experience, he holds a marketing degree from the University of Tennessee.

Kenneth Goodgame has made the True Value hardware store a very good place for people to get the hardware and other accessories they need for their personal projects.

True Value is a smaller store than some of the larger warehouse chains, but it is still a very good place for someone to come when they need to get better things for all their projects.

Kenneth Goodgame has created something that makes life simpler for the shopper, and he wants to keep the True Value stores looking as wholesome as possible. There are a lot of people who are coming to True Value to avoid all the confusion that happens in larger stores, and they want to know that they can shop with nicer people in a store that will not envelope them as they shop.

The person who likes shopping at True Value Hardware likes it there because of the simple design that Kenneth Goodgame has come up with. He is the senior vice president of the company, and he is the one person who has to set up the merchandising for every store.

It is all on him to make the stores look great, and that is why he takes his work so seriously. Kenneth is trying to make sure that the company will be able to welcome people in the stores to make them feel better about their shopping.

The stores are very easy to shop. According to Spokeo, Kenneth Goodgame made sure that it would be a simple experience when customers pay the store a visit.

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