Karl Heideck Explains The New Car Seat Law

Karl Heideck is a law expert based in the Greater Philadelphia area. His success in the legal industry is attributable to his academic excellence in law, English, and literature, as well as his seven-year work experience.

The attorney specializes in legal issues like compliance, litigation, and risk management. Moreover, he is proficient in legal writing, legal research, product liability, employment law, intellectual property law, and corporate law.

In his initial days as an attorney, Karl Heideck practiced government investigations, criminal defense, pharmaceutical litigation, and bankruptcy restructuring.

On his spare time, Karl blogs on relevant legal topics like traffic laws, employment law for small businesses, social violations, and many other legal issues that often affect the Greater Philadelphia community.

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One of his recent blogs was about the new car seat law whose enactment seeks to save the lives of kids in Pennsylvania. Using his blog to highlight the important issues addressed by the new law, Karl Heideck explained the law’s requirement that drivers be placing children below two years in a rear-facing car seat.

On the other hand, the new traffic law requires kids aged above two years to use a forward- facing car seat or a booster seat. A child can only start using the regular car seat after he or she attains a weight of 80 pounds or a height of 4 feet, nine inches.

The law came into force in 2016 after safety experts extrapolated that a child’s car seat reduces a kid’s risk of death or severe injury in the event of an accident. The safety experts based their conclusion on the fact that the car seats shield kids against head, neck, shoulder, and spine injuries. Non-compliant drivers will receive a penalty of up to $75 in addition to paying the resultant court fees and costs.

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