Julie Zuckerberg- A Sensation in Talent Acquisition

Julie Zuckerberg works as a Talent Acquisition Leader for Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg graduated from “New York’s City University” where she studied Philosophy. Zuckerberg later proceeded to study law at the “New York Law School”. When she completed college, Zuckerberg’s first appointment was at Hudson. Her work here was candidate placement. She was involved in the recruitment of attorneys, case managers, paralegals, support staff, and other employees. Apart from candidate placement, Zuckerberg’s background in legal studies made her a point of reference for work-related disputes. Zuckerberg joined “Citi Global Consumer” in New York in 2007 where she was an executive recruiter. Her duty was to advise the management on various compensation trends and recruitment strategies to assist the company gain an upper hand over their competitors. Zuckerberg was also involved in more advanced talent recruitment such as negotiating immigration, claw backs, equity buyouts, and relocation. She was particularly the sole manager of international and expatriate relocations.


Zuckerberg at Deutsche Bank


Currently, Zuckerberg works as the vice president and lead executive recruiter at Deutsche Bank. She joined the company in 2014 and heads the executing staff of the biggest financial organizations worldwide. The bank has operations in more than 70 countries. Deutsche Bank was established in 1870 in Berlin, Germany. Ms. Zuckerberg is assigned an office in the organization’s New York down town branch. Zuckerberg’s initial role at Deutsche Bank was contract governance with outsourcing organizations and designing initiatives like CCAR and IHC mandates. Later towards the end of 2015, her efforts were noticed, and she was given additional responsibilities. She is now charged with duties such as liaising with businessmen in commercial clients, handling private wealth, and also global technology. Julie is also involved with improving recruitment and acquisition strategies. She is also charged with disseminating the recruiters and recruiting coordinators in GTO, AM, and PW& CC.


Julie’s Accomplishments


Julie Zuckerberg has made a name for herself in talent acquisition and recruitment. She has also amassed a wealth of skills and experience that has enabled her clinch senior posts in previous organizations. Holding this senior positions has helped Julie to form a strong network involving different senior personalities including paralegals, lawyers, managers, and directors. This substantial network of professionals will prove to be crucial in future, as she strives to move to even higher positions in bigger organizations. Julie’s talent and achievements has earned her a reputation among CEOs, managers, and directors from reputable organizations. She has exploited her influence on social media and in the business industry to acquire the best talent for different organizations. When not at work, Julie loves to visit art galleries and explore new technology. Julie also loves volunteering for causes that contribute to animal welfare, economic empowerment, and the conservation of the environment. Julie’s love for animals is insatiable especially when it comes to Persian cats. Her other passion is photography, which is evident when you scroll through her social media profiles. She is also very good at baking cheesecakes. Currently, Julie hails in Manhattan, New York.

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