Jorge Moll – A Gifted Practitioner of Neuroscience

Jorge Moll has a respectable history in the field of medicine. Dr. Moll completed a residency at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro after earning his MD in Neuroscience. Dr. Moll went on to receive his Ph.D. from Sao Paulo University in the field of Experimental Pathophysiology.


Medical Profession

His love for medicine comes from always having wanted to help people improve and get better from the medical conditions that affected their lives in a negative way. His expertise has led to several prominent positions in the medical profession that include Director of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, and board member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education. Dr. Jorge Moll has always had a passion for creating a world-class venue where medical professionals can conduct research. D’Or Institute of Research is such a place.


Family Man

Dr. Jorge Moll can also add being a dedicated family man to his resume. He leads a full work life. His days start out with meetings that cover numerous topics about his business operations and interests. He is in constant contact with students, scientists, associates, entrepreneurs, researches, and others within his circle of influence. As such, he is privy to countless ideas. With so many rich ideas flowing around him, it is sometimes difficult to choose those with the best chances of materializing.


Versatile Doctor

Dr. Jorge Moll upholds an interest in all things that relate to how cognitive computing works, artificial intelligence, and how the human brain can work more efficiently with computers. Emerging gene therapies and regenerative medicine developments are high on his list. His philosophy about being productive is simple. It is a function of transparency, being open, and being highly skillful.

A person should combine these traits with an ability to let go of ideas and plans that will not yield results. Always engage in interesting things. They can provide the inspiration and create realities that impact lives and industries in a positive way.


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