Jeff Herman Helps Heal Victims of Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is a nationally recognized attorney practicing at Herman Law out of Boca Raton, Florida. He specializes in handling civil law suits for victims of sexual abuse. He has helped over a thousand clients consisting of men, women and children to heal from the tragedy of sexual abuse and to slowly regain control of their lives while feeling a sense of empowerment. He has learned after many years of practice that empowerment is the first major step towards the healing of both victims and their families.

He points towards the #metoo movement as an example of collective empowerment bringing about healing for those who have been sexually abused. In addition to seeking justice for his clients, Jeff Herman shares what he has learned over the years about sexual abuse and predators with parents and educators to prevent abuse from taking place at all. He also trains those in law enforcement agencies and other groups how to properly interview children who are sexual abuse victims, as it is of the utmost importance to maintain their integrity and to not make them feel further victimized by the legal system.

Jeff credits his ability to separate facts from theory for the success he has attained in his chosen specialty. By working with his own investigative unit of former law enforcement officials, he is able to form a timeline of events and spot red flags in order to not only establish the facts but be able to document every one of them to prove the evidence.

As a father of four, Jeff Herman admits it has been a difficult specialty to practice and he even thought about giving it up at one point. However, after seeking professional help himself, he learned how to empathize with his clients but not allow those feelings to affect his professional handling of their case. Once he could separate the two he was able to continue helping his clients heal and get the justice they deserve.

Recap of article fromĀ on April 9, 2018

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