Ian King Sees More Bitcoin Potential

For the past few years, one of the biggest stories in the entire investment world has been the amazing increase in the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Those that help these digital currencies starting in 2016 would have seen the price of these coins increase substantially over time. While there are many people that have been successful investing in these coins over the past few years, one of the most successful has continued to be Ian King.

Ian King is a very successful investor that has a long track record of investing in a variety of different fields. Previously was a hedge fund manager and has more than 20 years experience trading in a variety of different financial markets. About five years ago, he noticed that there was a significant amount of opportunity available to those that were willing to accept the ups and downs that came with investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Today, he continues to invest in this field but has also changed his career focus and is now a reporter as well. Read more about Ian King at Ideamensch.

Today, Ian King spends a considerable amount of his time as a senior publisher and writer for a financial magazine called Banyan Hill. This financial magazine is heavily focused on providing its readers with up-to-date information about the financial markets and tips that could be followed to help anyone be more successful when they are investing.

While the publication does right about many different topics, one of its main focuses today is to provide more information about the digital currency markets. While these markets have already seen a significant amount of increase in value over the past few years, Ian King and other writers for the magazine believe that there is a significant amount of more potential as well. One reason why they believe that is because there is a lot of opportunity for these coins to become more accepted in the mainstream economy. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

If these coins ever are more accepted in the mainstream economy, it could quickly become the preferred form of payment. There are many advantages that come with this type of currency including security, anonymity, and the ability for someone to carefully track and record their transactions. This could provide a variety of benefits to anyone that and could increase the demand for Bitcoin and other digital currency investments in the coming years, which gives great potential to investors.

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