How Securus Technologies is Helping Corrections and Law Enforcement Officials to Prevent and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies is reputable for its strong commitment to make the incarceration environment safe and efficient. The company recently announced that it had received thousands of emails and letters from its facility customers. As a company based in Dallas, Securus has established its name in the incarceration environment through its innovative solutions. The company’s client base includes over 1.2 million inmates and over 3,450 corrections, public safety and law enforcement facilities in North America.


The email communications and formal letters were reported to have been sent by prison and jail administrators across the US. The company also mentioned that this type of feedback was sent by officers who are on the verge of making the corrections industry better by solving and mitigating crimes.


Rick Smith, who is part of Securus’ leadership team, pointed out that service and product proposals are usually released by the company every week. As the firm’s CEO, he believes that these releases help law enforcement and prison officers to combat crime.


Facility Customer Comments


In reference to the facility customer comments, one letter or email spoke about how a corrupt staff member was detained for the possession of contraband. It also spoke about how Securus’ investigative tools helped to extract information from phone calls to arrest the staff member. There was a client who wrote about Securus’ call monitoring tools. The client praised the tools for their effectiveness in enabling prison administrators to learn about drug abuse and trafficking in their facility.


In the letters and emails, Securus’ LBS software was reported to have helped in the recovery of cash, drugs, and illegal assets. After assessing these comments, Securus Technologies invited members of the public, including its facility clients and investors, to a presentation to be held at the firm’s Technology Center in Dallas. The presentation is aimed at giving people insights on how Securus Technologies helps in preventing and solving criminal activities.


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