Honey Birdette is in Rapid Growth Phase

Honey Birdette, an Australian based lingerie boutique founded by entrepreneur Eloise Monaghan recently announced its plan to take the United Kingdom and the United states by storm.

If you are familiar with Honey Birdette, it was founded by Monaghan in 2006 and quickly became Australian’s first and finest upscale lingerie and sensuality boutique. The company rapidly gained a loyal fanbase and now has over 50 stores in Australia. Honey Birdette is known for its famous glossy black doors, upscale clientele and the highest quality in lingerie and toys for the bedroom and beyond.

The stores are known for luxe decor and are staffed by a team of “Honeys” that are there just as much to put on an exciting show for customers are they are to guide buyers through the consumer experience of the upscale sensuality boutique world.

United States’ sales of Honey Birdette’s items skyrocketed over 350% in the past 12 months. For this reason, Honey Birdette announced a rollout of a new e-commerce platform the is designed specifically for US buyers and their online buying experience. It will offering things like faster delivery, additional products and even free shipping over a certain dollar amount.

Fans in the United Kingdom found that the announcement promised an additional 40 stores being opened by the end of 2018. There are currently just three and those three stores generate an influx of travel from locals and visitors alike. There stores were the first ever opened outside of Australia and were in London, Leeds and Westfield White City.

Lovers of all things Honey Birdette in the United Kingdom can expect stores to start being built beginning with Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, Liverpool and an additional store in Leeds. Honey Birdette is wisely also looking for other European locations that meet the needs of their high end consumers.

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