Evolving Treatments at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Oncologists across the nation had a hand in developing the comprehensive eviti system, created by healthcare management application developers NantHealth and Allscripts, which is coming to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This support solution was created with the best interest of each and every patient in mind and to assist with clinical decisions by the medical staff, with the latest cancer research, treatments and therapies available. This will allow oncologists to formulate custom treatment options for every patient and compare the best treatment options including cost and availability of specific treatments. They will also have access to the most current guidelines, response rates, and adverse drug reactions reports. This efficient solution works in real time, giving peace of mind in choosing treatment options.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a nationwide group of hospitals focusing on adults fighting cancer. Treatment is tailored to each patient, with an individual care plan crafted around the most current and effective treatment options for the person and their specific cancer type. Caregivers walk along with the patient’s journey from treatment and aftercare to managing side effects and looking towards the future. Along with the oncologist, dietitians and pain management physicians are available to assist in treatment plans. Every cancer is different and every person is given the best options for them and their individual fight.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America also delivers the most cutting edge, state of the art technology in their treatments, from genomic testing to surgery when needed. They can address the pros and cons of with radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy as treatment options. These treatment options are monitored for effectiveness and new therapies and advancements are integrated constantly. Treatment is more precise than ever and allowing doctors to use improved treatments with potentially fewer side effects.

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