Dr. Johanan Rand’s Unique Hormone Treatment

Dr. Johanan Rand is the Healthy Aging Medical Centers’ President and Founder. The clinic is based in New Jersey’s West Orange Township. Dr. Rand is licensed and board certified to perform his medical profession in the Jersey State. With his unique expertise in anti-aging treatments, he provides his patients with a wide array of insights and experiences taken from his expansive professional background and past trainings.

Dr. Johanan Rand took his medical degree at Howard University’s College of Medicine, and then finished his internship at St. Barnabas Medical Center (Reporterexpert). After his residency at Albert Einstein’s College of Medicine he established the Healthy Aging Medical Centers with the goal of providing a high standard of care to patients who are in dire need of such.

Dr. Rand’s specialization is concentrated on minimizing the debilitating effects of growing old through the restoration of the body’s natural hormone balance. By incorporating physical therapy and supplemental nutrition the required hormone balance can be effectively refurbished so the patient can attain the full effect of the therapy that would be administered.

The Healthy Aging Medical Centers offer an exclusive program for care, which Dr. Johanan Rand has formulated. He recognizes the rare needs of each and every patient who are experiencing a myriad of incapacitating symptoms that often comes with aging. And as a doctor, he knows the essential function of exercise and diet in the restoration of the human body’s immune system to its most supreme level. This is the reason why Dr. Johanan Rand formulated an overall approach in terms of physical therapy, hormone therapy, and dietary supplements.

Dr. Rand’s method helps develop muscle tissue while reducing adipose accumulation in the body at the same time. The hormone therapies will enhance the normal recovery process of the body by supplying it with hormones that were previously lost till they attain the levels which are normally present in young bodies.

The improvements in the levels of energy, flexibility, and strength of each patient are properly observed so the results can be accurately recorded. The documentation is done meticulously for the benefit of each patient who must witness first-hand the successful outcome of the therapies, making them confident that the treatments recommended at Dr. Johanan Rand’s Healthy Aging Medical Centers are exceptionally effective.



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