Dr. Edward Honig- A Fine Cardiologist in New York.


The heart is an essential organ that takes no breaks during our lives and visiting the cardiologist is a great way to prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is important to seek medical care from a qualified cardiologist once in a while. Dr. Edward Honig is a qualified cardiologist at Glen Cove Hospital in New York. With years of experience and credentials, he is dedicated to helping his patients tackle heart and circulatory complications for a better life.

What does the cardiologist do?

Whether you require an examination at the hospital or at home, Dr. Edward Honig will carry out a physical examination and review your medical history. The examination may include blood pressure, weight, heart, and lungs check. The cardiologist may also perform or recommend advanced tests such as EKG’s, x-rays, stress tests, biopsies, and blood tests to give a diagnosis.

Why should I visit a cardiologist?

The first and probably most obvious reason is the recommendation from your doctor. A qualified doctor would not lead you astray by asking you to visit a cardiologist. Other reasons may include health conditions such as chest pains, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnancy, and gum inflammation. Smokers or people with a smoking history and people with a family history of heart ailments are also advised to see a cardiologist.

Heart Disease Symptoms.

It is easy to go through life with an ailing heart and continually dismiss check-ups. However, heart diseases exhibit symptoms such as chest pains and severe discomfort, sweating, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, heart palpitations, low blood pressure, difficulty in swallowing, and voice hoarseness.

These could be the symptoms of a heart attack and dismissing them could potentially increase your chances of having one. However, experiencing any of the above symptoms are not a sure way of diagnosing heart ailments. It is therefore important to see a cardiologist for advanced tests.

Why Dr. Edward Honig is the best cardiologist

After years of training and experience, Dr. Honig is exceptionally skilled in carrying out heart diagnosis. Whether you are seeking treatment at Glen Cove Hospital in New York, or at home, Dr. Edward will ensure that he prescribes the best mode of treatment for you. It is important to remember that a cardiologist does not perform heart surgery but will recommend you to a qualified cardiothoracic surgeon if need be.

Other modes of treatment require a change of lifestyle. Behaviors such as smoking, dangerous exercises, and poor eating habits can be changed. To give the best course of treatment, Dr. Edward will work together with your personal doctor and other specialists to prevent further complications. Additionally, Dr. Edward will discuss the best mode of payment and insurance before choosing the treatments.


Dr. Edward Honig is a qualified cardiologist located at Glen Cove Hospital in New York. With a team of qualified assistants and vast experience in the industry, Dr. Edward will help you keep a healthy heart, and in case of heart disease, he will personally ensure that the course of treatment chosen is efficient and cost effective. Book an appointment with Dr. Edward today, for a healthy heart.

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