Dr. David Samadi Is The Inventor The SMART Technique Who Looks To Make Prostate Cancer A Thing Of The Past

Dr. David Samadi is robotic prostate surgery expert who is also a board certified urologic oncologist. He has spent a good part of his life helping men to catch, diagnose, and treat prostate cancer and is known as one of the best in his industry. He serves Lenox Hill Hospital as its Chief of Robotic Surgery and is also its Chairman of Urology. He has helped more than 7,000 people through successful robotic prostate surgeries and 83% of his patients have regained sexual function. He has been featured on Forbes, Good Morning America, and Fox News Live, and is known to many as the “celebrity doctor” who cares deeply about the patients he serves.

Dr. David Samadi has worked very hard to solve one of the largest problems with prostate cancer, and that is to be able to detect it when it has no symptoms in its early stages. He promotes testing for the disease, because 9 out of 10 patients who catch it early-on will be able to cure it. A simple blood test is enough to discover the early signs of prostate cancer, and Samadi urges men to get tested before they reach the age of 60. He performs close to 15 prostate cancer surgeries every week and has plenty of experience treating the disease through the use of robotic laparoscopic prostate surgery. He strongly believes that this kind of surgery is the future and that it will become more and more advanced over the years.

Dr. David Samadi created the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment, also known as SMART, and he has performed over 6,000 prostate cancer surgeries using the system. Close to 9 out of 10 of the recipients of the surgery are now cancer free, and he created SMART to replace open surgery. The Da Vinci surgical system is the most up-to-date, cutting edge tool that helps doctors to avoid the kinds of issues that can occur during prostate cancer surgery. The Da Vinci system makes much smaller incisions and avoids damaging the prostate nerves that so many other surgeries do not. Some of the positive benefits of avoiding damage to these nerves are that men retain their sexual function along with their bladder control.

Dr. David Samadi hopes that new and innovative robotic surgery techniques will become a normal part of medical treatment in the future, and he is certain that his SMART surgery will be among those that are used for quite some time.

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