Dr. Clay Siegall – Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics Company

Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the most prominent biotechnologists based in the United States. For over two decades of professional as a biotechnologist working for various companies in the United States, Dr. Clay Siegall gained enough experience to set up his company towards finding the solution to numerous medical illness in and out of the United States. Dr. Clay Siegall has always had a passion towards assisting cancer patients in the country. This is because cancer is a leading cause of death in and out of the United States. While cancer has been there for the longest time possible, no one has come up with its cure in the industry. For this reason, Dr. Clay Siegall decided that he would work towards finding its cure even if it takes his lifetime. Dr. Clay Siegall’s mother also died as a result of cancer when he was still a teenager. This made him have a passion towards fighting the disease till the end of his life so that other cancer patients will not follow the same path his mother followed.

Dr. Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Seattle Genetics Company based in the United States. Dr. Clay Siegall worked in the biotechnology industry for 10 years before he decided to found the Seattle Genetics Company in 1998. During that time, he used to work at the Apex Industries that produces most of the medical solutions in the industry. Dr. Clay Siegall worked as the lead scientist for new medical inventions that were approved by the FDA under his care as a manager. When he announced that he was about to quit his job, Dr. Clay Siegall wanted to assimilate better business through a wide range of business solutions. However, his decision was stern.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a graduate of the University of Maryland with the highest honors in a Zoology degree. When he graduated he was determined to push further in the line of education, he pursued a master’s degree from the same university. After graduation, Dr. Clay Siegall also went on to graduate from the Washington State University with a post-doctorate degree in Biotechnology.

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