Details on Lobbyist Andrea McWilliams

  1. Education and Career History

Andrea McWilliams is a born and bred citizen of a Texan border city named El Paso. She studied Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology from Brown University. It is while she was pursuing her undergraduate degree program that she fell in love with issues revolving around social justice. Due to her dedication to making her hometown’s inhabitant’s life safe, she engaged herself in immigrant advocacy work so as empower marginalized groups.

  1. Fundraisers

McWilliams currently resides in Old Enfield with her husband and their three children. She is a reputed philanthropist and community leader who has been awarded numerous awards, including the Austin American Statesman Fortunate 500 list. She has worked with a myriad of non-profit organizations and has even served as a board member in most of them. She is a proud Austin native who has served as a past president of Inherit Austin, a non-governmental organization meant to preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of Austin. She has also served with two breast cancer foundations intended to mitigate cancer, while at the same time has raised millions of funds to the foundations. The girl scouts of central Texas once awarded her with the Woman of Distinction award.

  1. Current Position

Andrea McWilliams is currently a skilled strategist, lobbyist, and political fundraiser. She is versed for her meticulous attention, unique expertise and persuasion in the political arena. Major media outlets have reported her as a detailed political strategist and commentator who plays a major role in Austenite politics. It is her prowess that has made her one of the most versatile, most sought iconic public relations women of Texas. The native Austenite is a political force to reckon with since she became a Chief of Staff while she was very young. She has been ranked as one of the best lobbyists in Texas by the Austin Business Journal, courtesy of her company the McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants. She works together with her husband in creating policies that ensure that their clients are well represented in both Democrat and Republican political arenas. The dynamic bipartisan duo has created policies that have made them be acknowledged on all sides of the political divide.

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