Desiree Perez Makes Good at Building Tidal Customer Base

Music streaming is taking in the music industry. For a very long time it was a battle for artists to get music lovers to stop downloading their albums. This is still prevalent online, but it has been curtailed quite a bit by music streaming companies like Tidal that are able to provide music lovers with a wide selection of albums.  Check this.

Desiree Perez is a very important driving force behind Tidal, and this is what is helping this company to move forward and take off in ways that many people never would have imagined. One thing that people have to realized is that Perez has been around Jay-Z for many years. She is no stranger to helping him negotiate contracts, and that is where their working relationship is most important. She has already worked with Roc Nation Sports and got great results for Jay Z and the athletes that were signing contracts. It only seems natural to have Desiree Perez to come in and oversee some contract negotiations for Tidal.

There is a lot of new business that is happening at Tidal, and everyone wants to see what this company is doing now. There are many people that are going to sign up for this company as Sprint gets involved in the investment of Tidal. Desiree Perez has pushed this company so far that investors like Sprint have decided to help Jay-Z push this company forward. This is certainly a sign of great leadership that Desiree Perez has implemented during her time with this music streaming service. She certainly has no hesitations to push the limits, and that is exactly what is needed when it comes to music streaming service such as this. It is interesting to see how this company will continue to thrive with help from Desiree Perez.  More to see on

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