Community Bankiung Remains Important

The Dallas, Texas based banking and investment specialist NexBank has seen its impressive rise honored with CEO and President John Holt asked to provide a talk about the importance of community banking in the 21st century at the Texas Bankers Association 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference. Mr. Holt made the journey to New Orleans, Louisiana to address this annual gathering of bankers who he provided information about the need for greater levels of community banking opportunities.


The November 7th, 2016 talk given by the NexBank leader was entitled “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”. NexBank’s John Holt set out to provide information on the possibilities given to banking companies when they reach are setting out to merge or acquire community banking companies in their local areas; Holt made clear to his fellow banking leaders, specialists, and consultants that technology can play a major role in the building of community trust with a series of impressive options open to bank’s when they expand into new areas of business.


The NexBank brand may not seem as though it has a long history, but has, in fact been working in the Dallas, Texas region since 1922 when it was awarded its first charter. The impressive rise of the bank over recent years has seen it’s value rise to over $4.6 billion in managed assets available by the end of 2016.


Over the course of recent years NexBank has seen its products and services reach many new sectors within its three main areas of interest, which remain commercial, mortgage, and investment banking. Despite its impressive range of business and real estate products available the company remains an important part of the Texas community with a range of products available including checking and savings accounts available to customers.


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