ClassDojo is Making the Field of Education Fun Again


ClassDojo is a great application for teachers to use in their classrooms. This educational application can be purchased from a standard app store and then downloaded onto a teacher’s smartphone. Once the app is on their phone, teachers can use it to communicate with parents, reward students and to keep their classrooms on task. Of course, the best thing about ClassDojo is its ability to make the field of education fun again.

Teacher burnout is a huge problem in today’s educational environment. Many teachers are overworked, underpaid, not appreciated and fed up. These are not good qualities for people to have when they want to do a good job in life. So, ClassDojo provides unique features for teachers to use in the classroom. These features help to make learning fun again.

Students can be rewarded with Dojo Points whenever they do something worthwhile in the classroom. They can help out a fellow classmate, display leadership on a project or work hard to improve their behavior. A teacher can instantly communicate with a parent so they can show them what they are doing in the classroom.

Videos and photos can be sent to a parent’s smartphone. These media snippets can show a child finishing an art project or show how they assist other students in the class. ClassDojo can also be used to communicate with parents when a child is not staying on task. Instead of contacting a school’s administrator or sending a child to detention; ClassDojo will allow teachers to send text messages or directly call parents.

Speaking of parents, ClassDojo will allow them to be more involved in their child’s school day. They’ll have a better idea about what they are doing in the class in terms of behavior, work and socialization. ClassDojo can also be used to send homework assignments and to provide students with specialized material. ClassDojo is a great app for teachers, students and their parents. This app will truly help to make the classroom fun again.

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