Shared office space in Manhattan – a new productivity tool

Recent research has uncovered the latest productivity secret – Coworking spaces. Employees who use this approach to office accommodation report thriving levels at least one point higher than employees based in a normal office environment.

Coworking provides a variety of shared, alternative working environments. Workers can choose from a variety of styles. The original shared plan provided a communal shared workspace where an eclectic mixture of professionals, remote workers, freelancers, even employees from different companies all use the same office space but maintain their individual work ethic and style.

More recently however, the range of types of accommodation provided has broadened, providing even greater flexibility. Members or companies may choose from a variety of seating arrangements for individual work and options are available for rental of multipurpose meeting rooms.

Recognizing the significantly increased use, availability and popularity of these new and different office arrangements, researchers interviewed several hundred workers from dozens of coworking spaces across the country. The results provide evidence of a looming substantial change in workplace arrangements.

Workers provided several reasons for their preference. There is an absence of internal politics since persons are involved in a variety of projects, and it is easier to develop an individual work identity and work more meaningfully with less work related stress.

Workers have greater control over their work styles since the work spaces are available 24/7 and their time can be used more effectively. Persons also seemed to appreciate the community environment that develops, indeed that is fostered through coworking, relishing the opportunity to make business and social connections. At some locations even remote workers choose to rent office space in a coworking location rather than work from home.

The additional skills easily available in these communities of workers also foster collaboration and the sharing of expertise and experiences.

Corporations increasingly appreciate the value of using coworking as alternative locations for selected workers, such as those with flexible time and location requirements.

A leading provider of coworking spaces is Workville, Manhattan offices for rent that offer a range of workspace options. The choices include private offices, a dedicated desk in a private office, open coworking arrangements and rental of conference rooms. The community is a blend of start-ups, professionals and small businesses, all thriving and offering the possibility of productive work in a luxury office setting.