John Goullet Bets on Our Increasingly Technology Reliant Society

It is without much surprise or argument that the last few decades have seen society transform into a technology driven collection of able-minded individuals as more of life becomes inextricably linked with technology. Every aspect of our life turns towards advancements made in technology to find ways of increasing productivity, lower costs, as well as expands access across almost every market. From check out stands and online grocery shopping to the very way we interact with and spend our money, technology has had its hand in making the facilitation of commerce more fluid and easier than before.

As advancements continue to happen daily with each new team of researchers cutting down the time and costs of manufacturing the technology we are so readily reliant upon, the possibilities to connect new untapped markets and niches ever increases. Betting upon and looking forward to the improvements our technology driven society, Principal of Diversant LLC, John Goullet, spoke to IdeaMensch about his optimistic vision for the future of not only his company but the future of clients as well moving forward into a future where the national GDP becomes heavily influenced by the contributions of technology companies.

John Goullet would go on further to share candid insight into what he considered a major failing in his endeavors that he had to acknowledge and rectify to continue growing his business. Offering his lesson learned that no matter the title or position of someone you bring into your inner circle as an entrepreneur you must be able to hold the entire team accountable for the success of the business to continue.

In addition to the wisdom gained from experience, Goullet further offered readers of the publication advice to always be mindful of possibilities to expand and grow in the most unlikely of places with dedicated focus on being aware of the potential for growth that exists in government regulation.

“Similarly, any time the government imposes new regulation, there is a wealth of opportunity to be made,” Goullet told writers for the publication.