Omar Yunes and His Path to Worldwide Dominance

Yunes won the best franchisee of the world competition in 2015. The competition took place in Florence, Italy. It featured contestants from many countries. There were representatives from Italy, Argentina, Hungary, and Brazil who were all contesting for the award. Yunes has 13 franchise units all over Mexico in cities such as Veracruz and Puebla. He has close to 500 employees working in different positions in the units. He collectively owns ten percent of the units that are owned by Sushi Itto. This makes him a major stakeholder in the business of the brand.

Yunes said that he was very proud to receive the prestigious award. He was the only representative from all his units. He took the opportunity to thank his employees for their excellent service. Each franchisee was rated on the basis of the effect on the whole network of franchises. Other aspects that were considered include the improvements to the brand, cost savings, and the morale of the employees. Omar Yunes won the award because of how he had redefined the collaboration between the different units. He had developed a system that allowed him to manage the information and to come up with control boards. This helped him to measure the overall performance of each unit.

Benjamin Cancelmo is the CEO of Sushi Itto. He congratulated Yunes for the win. He said that the brand and the franchisees were working together to offer unique hospitality and excellent service. Diego Elizarraras is the organizer of the Mexican edition of BFW. He was pleased with the result and said that it showed progress. He pointed out that it was a change from the days when Mexican franchises were competing on the regional level. Omar Yunes is a prolific businessman and real estate investor from Mexico. He opened his first franchise when he was twenty-one years old. Yunes owns several properties in Mexico. He has a condominium building in New York City. He is the founder of several companies that manage his business interests. Yunes has made a name for himself because of his management skills and his business acumen.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Announces New Partnership

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has announced a partnership it launched with NantHealth and Allscripts. The results of this partnership will be an Oncology treatment platform which will identify the optimal treatment regimen for each individual patient based on evidence-based data. The partnership will used NantHealth’s eviti system which is a program that provides clinical decision support to physicians. Electronic health records will be part of the platform through Allscripts Sunrise data management application. This new platform, called Clinical Pathways, will allow doctors to make more informed clinical treatment decisions for cancer care without the interruption of their workflow.
Dr. George Daneker, Jr., works at CTCA’s Southeastern Regional Medical Center as its Chief Medical Officer. Speaking about Clinical Pathways, he said that it will efficiently provide all relevant treatment options for each individual patient. This will lead to treating patients in a safe and efficient way that is an improvement over the educated guesswork they have had to engage with in the past.
Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of six hospitals with one in each region of the contiguous United States. They treat cancer patients from across the nation using conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation. They are headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and the organization was founded in 1988. The first hospital in the network was Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois and the other hospitals were launched from 2005 to 2012. The other hospitals are located in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix.
At CTCA, they recognize that every form of cancer is unique to the person who has it. They have specialists who can treat every form of cancer as well as the ability to provide treatment at every stage of it. They use evidence-informed treatment options and also help their patients manage the side effects of treatment such as pain, lethargy, nausea, and anxiety. Each patient is delivered an integrated plan tailored to their specific needs which is carried out by a team of highly trained medical professionals.

How NuoDB Can Help Your Business

Everyone is talking about the “cloud” and “cloud computing.” This revolutionary concept allows you to access your content from any device, and keeps your files backed up without needing to resort to a physical hard drive. Few other technological advances boast this same kind of reliability and performance enhancement.

But what if there was an application that takes the cloud a step further – that doesn’t just help you keep up with changing markets and customer demands, but enables you to set the pace? NuoDB does that.

NuoDB is a flexible, scalable database foundation that lets companies migrate their applications to the cloud, build new ones, and modernize their existing SQL cloud applications. Big Data demands databases that can keep up, and NuoDB is consistent and durable in its results: helping companies improve their customer satisfaction, and reduce the time it takes for their ideas to come to market – all while helping to reduce database licensing and cloud infrastructure costs.

NuoDB regularly holds webinar information sessions to help companies learn how to stay ahead of the competition.

John Goullet Bets on Our Increasingly Technology Reliant Society

It is without much surprise or argument that the last few decades have seen society transform into a technology driven collection of able-minded individuals as more of life becomes inextricably linked with technology. Every aspect of our life turns towards advancements made in technology to find ways of increasing productivity, lower costs, as well as expands access across almost every market. From check out stands and online grocery shopping to the very way we interact with and spend our money, technology has had its hand in making the facilitation of commerce more fluid and easier than before.

As advancements continue to happen daily with each new team of researchers cutting down the time and costs of manufacturing the technology we are so readily reliant upon, the possibilities to connect new untapped markets and niches ever increases. Betting upon and looking forward to the improvements our technology driven society, Principal of Diversant LLC, John Goullet, spoke to IdeaMensch about his optimistic vision for the future of not only his company but the future of clients as well moving forward into a future where the national GDP becomes heavily influenced by the contributions of technology companies.

John Goullet would go on further to share candid insight into what he considered a major failing in his endeavors that he had to acknowledge and rectify to continue growing his business. Offering his lesson learned that no matter the title or position of someone you bring into your inner circle as an entrepreneur you must be able to hold the entire team accountable for the success of the business to continue.

In addition to the wisdom gained from experience, Goullet further offered readers of the publication advice to always be mindful of possibilities to expand and grow in the most unlikely of places with dedicated focus on being aware of the potential for growth that exists in government regulation.

“Similarly, any time the government imposes new regulation, there is a wealth of opportunity to be made,” Goullet told writers for the publication.