The Challenge Of Safeguarding Company Data

Ever since the beginning of the information age, most of the businesses have been utilizing simple passwords to protect unauthorized access to their company data. Nevertheless, in today’s data breach landscape, a password is no longer enough to safeguard vital information. Password dumps and data leaks and especially hackers forcing their entry into computer systems and publicizing passwords and usernames on the open has become a regular occurrence. In reaction, security experts are looking for ways to downgrade the impact of this continuous threat.

In the last few years, multi-factor verification has become more pervasive, and it may be the time for biometric technologies to take their position as an alternative system of verification. Companies are also required to think the combinations and types of biometrics technologies carefully to utilize for authentication. However, we live in times when fingerprints can be hacked. Cybercriminals are known to develop fake prints from imprints on glassware or pictures in the public domain.

As businesses move towards or even consider utilizing biometrics as a method of authentication, the technology has a long way to go to become a backbone of the companies. Professionals need to look for ways to make technology more accessible to implement, more straightforward to use and develop the right balance. The companies need to know the difference between physiological and behavioral biometric authentication and how/when to control one, or both. The best technique is to select a combination of these methods in addition to a password to boost the identity and access management strategy of your company.

The founders of OneLogin Christian and Thomas Pedersen were associated with the success of Zendesk, the world’s most excellent on-demand help desk app. By interacting with the customers of Zendesk, it became apparent to them that companies were shifting to cloud in hordes hence the creation of OneLogin. The company offers cloud-based applications for identity management and single sign-on. It concentrates on those businesses that operate in the cloud, and it also provides clod apps utilizing SAML, WS-Federation, OpenID, and incorporation of web services. Established in 2010, OneLogin has partnered with the famous SaaS traders, and it has also won the confidence of most security-conscious companies globally.