David McDonald’s Leadership in OSI Group

David McDonald is the Chief Operating Architect and the President of the OSI Group. OSI group is a food processing firm founded 20 years ago in China. It started serving food to McDonald in 1992, after launching its first processing operation in Beijing. Since then, the OSI Group has recorded enormous growth in the economy of China. Mr. McDonald has also worked as the Project Manager of OSI Industries and the chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He is also a board director of the OSI International Foods Limited Australia. McDonald attended the Lowa State University where he graduated with a degree in Animal Science. He has since worked as an independent director of the Marfrig Global Foods. The OSI Group operations in Brazil and Europe were later acquired by another company; however, McDonald maintained his position as the leader.

During the 2000 Beijing Olympic Games, the OSI Group China was contracted to supply over 100 tons of five different products, which included dehydrated onion, pork, chicken, eggs, and beef. The company received tremendous positive feedback for their services from the Beijing Olympic Committee, and since then, renowned brands such as Papa John’s, Subway, Starbucks and McDonald himself entrust the company for different product supply.

Acquisition of Baho Food

McDonald appreciated the OSI Group’s move to acquire Baho Food. He stated that Baho Food complimented the company’s portfolio of brands and outputs and helped to broaden their client-serving capabilities. He added that Baho Food accelerated their growth strategy and customer base.

Sustainability Improvement

Through McDonald’s leadership, David Mcdonald OSI Group formed meaningful partnerships with supply companies to improve its food sustainability. He created the OSI Food Solutions that educate farmers in Europe on the reduction of foot pad lesions in chicken. Also, the creation of the waste water reuse project in Taiwan to help purify and reuse waste water for non-food operations, these efforts significantly evolved sustainability, innovation, and efficient ways of addressing challenges to improve food sources.

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