The Wonderful Benefits of Consuming Coffee Daily

From the recent two studies that are published in Annals of Internal Medicine journal, it revealed that taking coffee reduces the chances of dying from many diseases such stroke and heart disease. These are not the first studies to be done about health importance of consuming the beverage. Numerous studies have been conducted that reveals health benefits of drinking coffee. Another research that involved more than 185000 Americans showed that people who took coffee whether decaffeinated or caffeinated had reduced risks of dying from diseases such as stroke, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes in Japanese Americans, African-Americans and Latinos. It shows that coffee is useful to everyone whether an African, Asian or a Latino.

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Those who consumed two or three cups of coffee daily had reduced death rate of eighteen percent compared to those did not take coffee for sixteen years. In another study that involved over 520000 people in ten countries found that the people who made several cups of coffee daily had a low risk of death compared to those do not take coffee. In all those studies, non-smokers and smokes got separated, and other factors that could have affected the results were considered. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.