Ryan Seacrest’s Busy Lifestyle Still Allows for Consistent Fitness and Normalcy

Before Ryan Seacrest became a producer and got connected with the hit ABC reality show, American Idol, he was a DJ of the hit morning radio show for KIIS FM. He still remains the DJ and recently became the co-host of “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” He also has his own production company, Ryan Seacrest Productions. When he’s not busy with his “day” jobs, Ryan is heavily involved in his foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was founded with a mission to help children, who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses, have an uplifting experience by becoming involved in the multimedia facilities that are created within several hospitals throughout the nation.

It is very unlikely to find Ryan not being busy in some form of his life; however, he always manages to find time to invest in staying fit. As a self-described “foodie,” Ryan really loves to eat. His guilty pleasure is pizza. As evidenced by his childhood when he was severely overweight, his food choices can sometimes be self-indulgence as opposed to being healthy.

It’s important to Ryan to get a workout at the gym with a personal trainer at least five hours a week. His routine is sporadic and that’s just how he likes it. He alternates between a circuit workout, a core workout, a stationary bike, or sit-ups and sprints. According to Ryan also likes to swim, although he admits that he usually gets tired after about 20 minutes.

Although Ryan also hosts the Dick Clark New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show every year, he is not good at keeping resolutions. However, he believes that a good resolution would be to have more meals at a dinner table, rather than out of plastic containers. Ryan’s typical breakfast meal consists of an egg-white omelet without butter. He says, for the last 10 years, the majority of his meals have been consumed from a plastic container.

It’s also important to Ryan to relax his mind, which is why there is a ping-pong table positioned right inside the front door of his home. It is not unusual for him to drop everything and to begin playing ping-pong just as he arrives home. His life is anything other than normal, but even for Ryan, that is a normal thing to do in order to stay grounded.

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George Soros: Transitioning From Communism To Capitalism

George Soros is one of the world’s leading philanthropists and has given away more than $12 billion to causes that lead the fight for everyone to be treated equally, regardless of who they are. Some of the biggest groups that these contributions have helped are: Europe’s Roma people, drug users, sex workers, and LGBTQ people. Helping people who deal with these things is something that is very near and dear to Soros’ heart. The reason for this is because he was born in Hungary in 1930 and actually lived through the time when the Nazis took over. Although his Jewish family survived by creating fake identity papers and hiding their true backgrounds, more than 500,000 weren’t as lucky. Him and his family also helped others create fake papers and hide their backgrounds so they could survive as well. After the war, Soros left for London in 1947. He worked as a part-time railroad carrier as well as a night-club waiter. By doing this, he was able to support his education at the London School of Economics. In 1956, he came to United States where he began a career in the finance and investment field.

Soros Fund Management, Soros’ hedge fund, was created in 1970. The results of this fund made him become one of the most successful investors in the United States and with the fortune he made doing this, he created the Open Society Foundations. This foundation is prominent in over 100 countries.He became a philanthropist in 1979 by giving scholarships to black South Africans that were dealing with injustice and not being treated fairly. In the 1980s, he provided photocopies that were used to reprint texts that had previously been banned. By doing this, he helped people know that they could think how they wanted and be able to exchange their thoughts and opinions with others without getting in trouble. Soros created the Central European University once the Berlin Wall fell. He did this in order to help people analyze and question both sides of an issue and be able to make a judgement or have an opinion in which they came up on their own.

After the Cold War, he decided to expand around the United States, as well as in Africa and Asia. He was actually a huge supporter for the use of medical marijuana when it first came to light and firmly believed that the war on drugs was much worse than the drug use itself. In the early 2000s, Soros was also a very big supporter of marriages for same-sex couples and had no reservations of speaking out about it.Over the years, Soros has very publicly supported the people who were representing other people who were having injustices brought against them. In addition to this, he helped Europe’s Roma population smoothly unite with the rest of the population and provided the money for school and college fees for people of minorities.The first time Soros tried to help people was in South Africa and his efforts were did not go well at all. The system was so messed up at that time that no matter what he did, he was apart of the problem and wasn’t actually helping or doing any good. Once that failed, he focused on Central Europe. This time he had much better luck. He started supporting the Charter 77 movement in Czechoslovakia in 1980 and the Solidarity movement in Poland in 1981.

After supporting these movements, he was able to create foundations in other places such as: Hungary in 1984, China in 1986, the Soviet Union in 1987, and in Poland in 1988.At first, the whole reason for the organization was to help the community start believing other things. The reason for this was because, with Communism, they tell you how to believe and if you start having your own beliefs then a Communist government can’t stay strong. Once the Communist government failed, the goals were changed and the focus turned to promoting people to believe what they want to believe and have flexibility. He was one of the main people that helped Eastern Europe have a smooth transition from communism to capitalism.Over the years, he has always fought for the people who didn’t stand a chance and today, even in his 80s, he still travels around the world and fights for everything the Open Society Foundation stands for.

George Soros follows new road to criminal justice reform in the United States

The 2016 U.S. presidential election proved to be one of the most costly political events in the history of the world. One of the largest donors of that election was George Soros, the famous hedge fund manager and philanthropist who has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to political causes across the globe. Soros had donated more than $25 million to the doomed Hillary Clinton campaign, making him the largest single donor to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as well as the person who stood to lose the most from Mrs. Clinton’s inability to attain the office of the presidency.

But despite this gigantic loss, Soros has gone on investing strategically in political races across the country. Many people are aware that Soros also lost approximately $25 million donating to the campaign of John Kerry in 2004, in an unsuccessful bid to unseat then incumbent George W Bush. However, all of these spectacular losses hide the fact that Soros has been enjoying huge wins all across the southern United States and elsewhere in his bid to completely overhaul the U.S. criminal justice system. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Through his philanthropic organizations, such as The Open Society Foundations, Soros has been strategically funneling money to the campaigns of progressive candidates throughout the United States. Most of these people are minorities or liberals who are dedicated to the reform of the U.S. criminal justice system and the elimination of disparities in both charging and sensing minorities with crimes. In these races, despite an almost total lack of publicity, Soros has been racking up an almost perfect winning track record, unseating conservatives from coast to coast.

One such example was the case of the Aramis Ayala campaign in Orange County, Florida. Miss Ayala was running as the state first African American female candidate for district attorney. She had long worked in the prosecutor’s office as a public defender. But now, Miss Ayala had her sights set on a larger prize. She wanted to be the state of Florida’s first female black prosecutor.

But she had a steep uphill battle to reach her goal. With virtually no funding, her campaign had little chance of competing with a long entrenched incumbent opponent Jeff Ashton. Ashton’s campaign, on top of having coffers full of cash, also had the considerable tailwinds of his long incumbency as Orange County prosecutor. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

George Soros stepped up to the plate with his largesse. Through The Open Society Foundations, Soros infused the Ayala campaign with more than 1.$2 million. This instantaneously gave Ayala a huge edge, allowing her to run 24/7 television advertisements and turn out the vote of the city’s considerable minority population. The strategy worked. Today, Ayala is the orange county prosecutor.

Dick DeVos; Giving Back to the Community

I have always been fascinated by successful people who use their resources and time to serve the communities that supported their business endeavors. Dick DeVos offers a good example. He was born Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos Jr. on October 21, 1955 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His father, Richard DeVos was the co-founder of Amway, a billion dollar company that specializes in multi-level marketing. Growing up, DeVos was closely involved in the family business, from acting as a mini-host at Amway annual conventions to working his way through the company ranks and ultimately ending up as one Amway’s vice-presidents in 1984. In his role as a VP, DeVos grew the company’s international presence from 5 to 50 percent over a six year period. After a ten year hiatus from Amway, DeVos return in 1993 to succeed his father as the President of the company. After seeing Amway through a successful growth period, DeVos retired from Amway and went on lead the Windquest Group, a privately held investment management firm.

Not only was DeVos was a successful businessman and entrepreneur, he also dedicated his life as a public servant and philanthropist. In the late 90s, DeVos earned a seat on the Michigan State Board of Education, and was also appointed to serve on the Grand Valley State University Board of Control. In the early 2000s, DeVos launched a bid for the Governor’s seat in Michigan. His commitment to his home state was reflected on his platform; bringing jobs back to Michigan.

It is in DeVos’ philanthropic efforts where I am most interested in. It is in that part of his life, that his service to the community is reflected. It is where his fine-tuned business acumen intersects with his desire to serve; a quality that many admire. Along with his wife Betsy, the DeVos’ founded the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with Dick serving as the President. The Foundation has donated millions of dollars to various organizations since its establishment in the 1990. Among some of the noteworthy Foundation projects that are recipients to the generosity are; Artprize, a Grand Rapids based art competition; The Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholarship program that supports graduate students at the Thunderbird School of Global Management; and a Pollution Study that studied Western Michigan’s Lake Macatawa pollution sources.

One of the most amazing tidbits of information that I read that is a lesser known fact is that the DeVos’ have given over $139 million in charitable donations over their lifetime. In 2015 alone, they contributed $11.6 million to various charities. Foundation and personal records show that educational causes top the couples commitment to philanthropic support. Giving without self-promotion, now that’s noteworthy.




Dick DeVos Makes Given A Natural Habit

What does it take to be a giver? Someone who gives to help others without really getting anything back in return. It takes a special person to be a giver. There are some people who give of their time. They are willing to help by contributing time. However, people who give of their money make giving a totally different effort. Making financial contributions requires people to give something that can be felt. Once the money is giving away as a contribution, the money cannot be returned. The money is going to someone else.


When people give financial contributions to help others, the money that they give cannot be used personally. It is gone. Therefore, for people to give money that they work hard for to help someone else, many times people they do not even know or will never meet takes a special heart. One of the ways that many people who want to give financial contributions give is by making financial contributions through charities. One of the main reasons why people give through charities is because charities are created for that purpose. Charities accept money from various people to use to help people in need.


Charities can accept and use the money to help many people in an organized manner. There are many charities. Each charity has its own unique purpose and the way that things are handled. People can choose which charities they want to support by doing research on the charities. In many ways, charities give people the opportunity to help regarding causes that are important to them. A person who has contributed to many charities over the years is Dick DeVos. He has given millions of dollars to charities. The total amount of money that he has given to charities has amounted to more than 139 million dollars.


Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos have been financial contributors to charities for numerous decades. The couple has various causes that they support, and they sometimes give contributions to charities that help regarding these causes. However, Dick DeVos and his wife give to charities beyond just the ones who help the causes that they support and care about. They give to charities that help a wide range of causes. This desire to help goes to the heart of the DeVos family.


Dick DeVos is widely known for his financial contributions to worthwhile causes, but he is also known for his exceptional business talent. A successful executive who has held top positions with the Orlando Magic and Amway, Dick DeVos understands what it takes to be successful in the business world. He is a hard worker who believes in team work. He uses his business talent to help build successful organizations.


I believe that Dick DeVos is a very good executive who has accomplished a lot in his professional career. He has shown a desire to help people in need, and his actions demonstrate his willingness to help people.